4 Things to Bring to Your Audition (That You Might Forget)

You’ve got your music binder, a headshot/resume and brought a parent along for emotional support – what else could you need for your college audition? Well, lots! Here are some ideas on what to bring to have your most successful audition yet:

A Journal

The minute you leave your audition it’s all going to feel like a blur. You’ll begin to overanalyze every single little thing that happened in the room. Was the comment about my song choice positive or negative? Why was she taking notes during my monologue or performance? I encourage you to stop, take a big breath and grab your audition journal! Before you head home for the day, stop and take some notes on your audition and reflect on your job well done. Write down anything that felt off in the room, what felt especially excellent and definitely write down any comments the auditors might have given you. Also, make sure to jot down the name of the person who auditioned you. This is important if you want to be able to follow up with them later with a thank you note! Audition reflection is an important part of auditioning – rather than convincing yourself it went poorly, write down everything that felt amazing and use the feedback in the room to better equip you (and excite you!) for your next audition. I’m a big fan of the Memo Books by Moleskin – super sleek and fits into an audition bag nicely!

Change of Clothes

If you are auditioning for Musical Theatre or Dance, you know that you will need a change of clothes for the dance calls. However, did you know that if you’re a hopeful Acting major you may be asked to participate in a movement call? Make sure to pack a few pairs of clothes: your actual audition outfit, proper dance attire and possibly a third outfit to change into if you’re in need of a change after a long, sweaty day of auditioning!


This may sound obvious, but don’t forget to bring something to eat and drink throughout the day. College Auditions can sometimes take all day with lots of sitting and waiting to be called in. It’s important to bring healthy snacks to keep you alert and ready for all portions of the day. Staying hydrated, of course, is also important! I love Swell bottles – they keep drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours – perfect for any hot tea you need to keep your voice ready! Being hungry or thirsty can ultimately have a negative affect on the hard work you’ve done to prepare for the big day, so pack appropriately!

Extra Headshots and Resumes

Most schools will only ask you to bring one headshot and resume. However, better safe than sorry. As a professional performer, you should get comfortable with the idea of always carrying around an extra headshot/resume on you at all times. You just never know!

Need something to carry all of these essentials in? Check out bags by Timbuk2 – plenty of room to pack everything you need for the big day.

Break legs!

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