5 Myths of the Audition Room

5 Myths of the Audition Room

Auditions can be a tense and nerve wracking experience for anyone. Sometimes the worst part of an audition can be when it’s over and you start to overanalyze! Before your next audition, check out our debunking of some common myths below:

  1. They stopped me before I finished my selection. They hate me.

You’ve spent months preparing the perfect cut for your college audition only to have the auditor stop you before you finished. This can feel crushing in the moment – but, truth is – they may have heard exactly what they needed to hear. Sometimes auditors spend more time with students who don’t immediately “wow” them or students who appear super nervous, so they can get a better feel if they are a good fit.

  1. They didn’t ask me anything when I finished! I’m not getting in.

You put down your trumpet expecting them to start firing off questions and alas, you get the dreaded “thank you” and you make your way out of the audition room. As you start to replay your audition from beginning to end trying to clue into any signs as to what went wrong – we want to remind you to breathe and relax! Even though many auditors will tack on an informal interview to the audition – there are many reasons why auditors don’t chat after an audition. Sometimes they may be running late and unfortunately don’t have time to chat with each student, they simply are not the talking type or they’ve been instructed not to chat with any students. Auditions will vary from school to school, so don’t overanalyze one person’s actions in a room.

  1. They asked to hear something else. Uh oh.

Sometimes students assume when they get asked to hear something else that the auditors were not initially impressed. In most cases, it’s quite the contrary. They most likely want to see what else you can do. Or, truthfully, they also may not be a fan of your first selection! Auditors are, after all, human, so most have different styles and tastes in music/repertoire. This is where solid preparation comes in handy – make sure to have lots of options in your audition repertoire to appease any crowd.

  1. The girl ahead of me was in there for double the amount of time. They definitely liked her more than me.

There are dozens of reasons why the person in front of you could be in the room for a long time. Sure, they could be absolutely nailing their audition and that might be a tough act to follow. However, there are also a multitude of reasons why the added time is necessary as the student may not be prepared properly, they need to hear more to determine if it’s a good fit, etc. Moral of the story is try to only focus on YOU!

  1. Well, that audition went horribly! No way I am getting in!

As all performers know: sometimes what you deem as your worst auditions lead to your greatest successes. Who knows: you could have been the best person they saw all day even if you felt at your worst!

Be confident, be prepared and have fun. Oh, and most importantly, make sure to reward yourself after each audition on a job well done. We’re talking ice cream, people.

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Chelsea is a social contributor for Acceptd and the founder of My College Audition.

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  1. Julia Collazo says:

    I liked this! So true! The auditionor’s job is to find the best fit. They WANT you to succeed.