5 Reasons to Thank Your Teacher

It’s National Thank a Teacher Week! So we wanted to dedicate a blog post to the hardworking, oftentimes underappreciated, performing arts teachers out there. Everyone who’s ever been passionate about the arts can usually pinpoint one teacher, one person, who helped them grow into the artist they are and prepare them for the one they hope to become.

 They empowered you.

If you feel like you know what you want to do in life and you’ve got a solid foundation to get started, you can thank your teacher. Your early music, theatre, and dance teachers first  introduced you to your passion. Then they helped you learn the basics and start to master them. That’s what a career is built on.

They pushed you.

Everybody messes up. Great teachers made sure that you didn’t stay down when you fell down, or quit when you flubbed a line. They helped you realize that a missed note shouldn’t mean a missed career. They picked you up and pushed you back out there.

They taught you discipline.

You learned your lines, your steps, your routines, and your notes because there was a teacher making sure you got everything right. So when you stepped out on stage, you were confident in your performance.

They supported you.

When you had late-night rehearsals, they stayed just as late. And they probably arrived earlier. Maybe they even brought you donuts or pizza. Arts teachers are there for you more than they’re there for themselves. And that in and of itself is a rare thing.

 They stood up for you.

Arts education is facing cuts everywhere, from public schools to non-profits. If your arts program still exists, odds are it’s because a teacher fought for it. Music, theatre, and dance teachers understand what it means to have a passion, and they want to make sure everyone, including you, gets the same chance, even if their salaries get cut and funding gets slashed.

So, say a little thank you to all the teachers you know. Write a note, send an email, give them a shout out on social media, or just give them a hug. They deserve it.

2 responses to “5 Reasons to Thank Your Teacher”

  1. MJTOBR13 says:

    They inspired you.

  2. Oscar Kemboi says:

    Thanks for such an inspiring post. I think other way to add on top of this is to write a short blog post.
    Most teachers nowadays search for themselves online and definitely he/she will come across that.
    imagine if it were you ooh!