Ohio TechAngel Funds leads $1M funding round for Acceptd

06/13/13 by Carrie Ghose

Acceptd, a software company that helps manage performing arts auditions and applications at colleges, has closed a $1 million Series A funding round led by the Ohio TechAngel Funds.

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Dublin-based Acceptd partners with National YoungArts Foundation

06/06/13 by Joe Baur

Acceptd has developed a new strategic partnership with the Miami, Florida-based National YoungArts Foundation to better streamline the nationally renowned arts organization’s application process.

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ISPA & Acceptd Announce Strategic Partnership

ISPA is delighted to announce a strategic partnership with Acceptd, the leader in online recruitment and screening for the Arts, to improve the way we manage the application and review processes for our programs.


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Tech startups greening Ohio’s economic landscape

02/28/13 by Douglas J. Guth

A decade ago, Ohio’s technology startup scene was a wasteland with hardly a bloom or bush dotting the landscape. Today, thanks to the combined efforts of fertile young minds and state leadership willing to cultivate them, the once barren ground is now green with new growth and promise of further development of tech startups.

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Acceptd Connects Students With Performing Arts Programs

02/15/13 by Daniel Lehman

Don Hunter and Derek Brown are co-founders of Acceptd, a free online recruiting, submission, and audition platform that matches thousands of prospective students with performing arts programs, festivals, and universities worldwide.

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UC alumni revolutionizing college admissions

High school performing arts standouts are benefiting from a new tool, developed by UC alumni, that helps them faithfully demonstrate their talents to prospective colleges while allowing those colleges to make better admissions decisions.

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You’ve got talent: new online platform simplifies fine arts college admissions process

02/09/12 by Kitty McConnell

Imagine that you’re a nervous, nail-biting 17-year-old riding in the back seat of your parents’ mini-van on your way to a theatre audition at a small, elite liberal arts college. Wouldn’t you want to know as much as possible about the program before memorizing all of your lines? If you could submit an audition video online, wouldn’t that be a whole lot easier? With a new online platform developed by Acceptd, the college admissions process for the visual and performing arts just got a whole lot easier.

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10X: Acceptd making college choice easier for schools, applicants

08/12/11 by Carrie Ghose

Don Hunter and Derek Brown have known each other since eighth grade in Marysville, but it was as scholarship students at the University of Cincinnati’s business school that they became friends. And then, as alumni sitting through hour-long interviews to select the next winners of full-ride business scholarships, they realized many candidates shouldn’t have made it that far. They decided to find a way to make the selection process and college choice easier for programs and applicants.

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MHS grads start company

08/04/11 by Lindsay Castle

Two Marysville High School alumni have created a new way for college-bound students to stand out in the admissions process.

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Ohio: 10x business boot camp might spawn more accelerators

07/26/11 by Carrie Ghose

Interest in Ohio State University’s 10x accelerator, supported by a $200,000 state Third Frontier grant, has prompted the Ohio Department of Development to ask who else in the state wants their own startup boot camp.


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