Finding Inspiration as a Performer

Finding Inspiration as an Artist

Along the journey of trying to become successful in your art form through the necessities of auditioning, interviewing, meeting deadlines, etc. – it’s likely you’ll at some point lose inspiration along the way. You may even forget the very reason you fell in love with your art in the first place. These daily requirements can be hard enough to keep up with as is, but add in rejections and “no’s” to the daily grind and it can be pretty tough on one’s spirit.

As an artist or performer, it’s your responsibility to communicate through your art to tell a story and bring to life a character or scene for any given audience. Being inspired is key to being able to communicate! When we lose inspiration for what we love to do, that sometimes can translate into negative results.

In order to stay inspired to be the best artist/actress/musician you can be, you must step away from your art form and simply live in the world around you. Go on new adventures or just be present in your daily life and you are bound to find new inspiration all around you.

Take out your earphones, put away your iPhone, leave the iPad at home and ride the subway or walk through your city and just listen. Take in new sounds, hear bits of conversation and observe people in their daily routine. Take a journal with you and jot down a building to research later at home that you’ve never noticed before on your walk to school.

Make time for family and friends. Visit with a Grandmother or older family friend you haven’t spent a great deal of time with lately and ask them questions about their childhood. Learn about an era you have never experienced and file away in your memory all of this fascinating information for your next character.

Travel! Even if that means just hopping in your car and heading to a neighboring town you have never visited before. Try their local ice cream shop and people watch. Find a lake or pond and sit and sketch.

Be well informed. Download podcasts or make an effort to check out the daily news to see what is happening in the world. You don’t need to find time to do this, either – download a news app on your phone and read for ten minutes while you eat your breakfast.

And of course, enjoy the arts! Everything you experience in your art form doesn’t have to translate into booking work or getting cast. Try a new dance class that’s out of your comfort zone and have fun! Go support a friend and attend his concert even if it’s not your type of music.

You owe it to yourself to be happy, informed and inspired! Not only will enjoying your surroundings and world lift your spirits, it will also directly help you be the greatest artist or performer you can be.

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Chelsea is a social contributor for Acceptd and the founder of My College Audition.

10 responses to “Finding Inspiration as a Performer”

  1. Christopher Rodriguez says:

    Thank you

  2. Reilly says:

    right on love this! i have been thinking about i pods and stuff and how i see everyone have them all along, sometimes i feel a lot of people have them on because they want to not hear the suffering around them or even love.

  3. Reilly says:

    on a lighter note….i am totally feeling what you are talking about lately, inspiration is everywhere, art is everywhere!