Get Showcasd Performing Arts Scholarship Applicants: This is your moment

We received hundreds of applications for our Get Showcasd  performing arts scholarship. We met dancers, actors, singers, and poets; pianists, violinists, murambaists, trumpetists, and cellists. You submitted everything from essays and personal statements, to poems, original compositions, choreography, performance videos, and images. We received submissions from 40 of the 50 states and 13 different countries. We want to not only announce the winners, but share some of the applicants’ passion by showcasing some of our favorite responses. When we decided to sponsor a performing arts scholarship at Acceptd, we had no idea what to expect. We simply wanted to help you, as artists, pursue your dreams and give you the opportunity to showcase your talents. But we found that you showcased so much more than that. You overwhelmingly told us that the performing arts haven’t simply impacted your life, the performing arts are your life. And for most of you, that started with one single moment.

For Adrienne, it was as a child watching the grace and beauty of figure skaters. Dylan’s moment came singing Three Little Kittens as a toddler.Brandon told us about the first time he saw a ballet live; Annie talked about slipping on ballet shoes before she could even walk. Joseph’smoment came from hearing Barbara Streisand; Christianna’s from hearing Judy Garland. Lianna remembers her moment as a six-year old watching her teacher play the piano. Lisa and Kurtis found their moment at a third grade choir concert. For Lydia, it was singing to her grandmother in a nursing home. Miquon found it in Langston Hughes,Olivia in Rent, and Danielle in Next to NormalRebin, from Iraq, found his moment when he was invited to play violin in the United States. Each of them remembers their moment.

And out of all those amazing moments, we chose five. Here are our winners.

Winner of the $500 Get Showcasd Performing Arts Scholarship

Ariel Blake, from North Carolina

Ariel Blake (640x427)

Showcasd winners

Tzytle Steinman, from California


Jingye Zhang, from Beijing


Leah Stevens, from New York


Joe Whitenton, from Texas


Stay tuned for a showcase of our winners!

We want to thank everyone who applied. Keep finding your moments. Acceptd is here to help.