How to Truly Bring YOU into the Audition Room

Hopefully you already know this, but: you are unique and there is no one else auditioning that is JUST like you! Sure, there may be other people who look like you and have similar qualities – but what makes you tick is completely original.

When preparing for an audition, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out what they really want to see in the room. Am I the right type? Should I wear my hair up or down? Are my song selections good enough?

And I’d like to stop you right there! Of course, you need to follow the directions that the program lays out and make sure you are adhering to guidelines, but ultimately, they really want to see what you can bring to the table. They want to see your quirky qualities and learn about the things that make you…you.

Here are some ways to truly bring you into every audition room:

Audition Attire

I always say that you should dress as if you are going on a first date as opposed to a job interview. You don’t want to be too stuffy, but you don’t want to wear your beat-up sneakers either. Wear what you feel comfortable in and something that is a representation of you. You never want to wear something that takes away from your performance (say, a dress full of sequins) but you also don’t want to wear something that you just bought because you think it’s what they want to see. Are you more of a leggings and tunic type of girl as opposed to a dress and heels? Do you actually prefer to dress up and wear a nice blazer? Then go for it! Don’t wear what you think you should, instead wear what you’ll feel confident in.

Why You’re A Good Fit

Before you walk onto any campus or into any room for an audition, you should know why you are a good fit for the program and part. This is helpful for two reasons: it’s a good way to remind yourself that you deserve to be there and you should be able to articulate why you’re the right candidate if asked! Understanding what you can offer a program or a production will certainly make your audition more fueled and exciting. Make a personal mantra and say it in your head (or out loud!) on your way to every audition.

Never Say Sorry

One sure fire way to take away from the fabulous work that you are doing is to apologize. If you mess up, don’t say sorry but instead simply ask if you can go from the top of your piece. If you feel like it was the worst audition of your life, never show it and keep your head high all the way until you are on your way home. After all, it could have been the best audition they saw all day! Own your choices (or mistakes!) and be confident.

Break legs!

About Chelsea Diehl

Chelsea is a social contributor for Acceptd and the founder of My College Audition.