It Just Takes One Yes

In a dream world, you pass every single pre-screen and receive a yes from every school on your list. In reality, chances are you won’t pass every pre-screen and you most likely will receive a handful of no’s from dream schools. While these rejections can sting – sometimes more for the parents than the students – I encourage you to find each silver lining. After all, you can only attend ONE school at the end of this process.

Saying goodbye to schools you were excited about and weren’t granted an audition at can be tough. Take time to be sad – that’s okay and totally normal! In order to move on and get excited for upcoming auditions, you should allow yourself some time to properly “get over” not attending these schools. Unless you would academically attend the school without being in the performing arts department, I suggest you call the admissions department and withdraw your application. There is a student out there that has that program as their dream school and you don’t want to potentially take away their slot.

It’s almost like you are breaking up with the school. You are interested in other programs and don’t see this relationship going anywhere. It’s best if you “dump” them. As funny as that sounds, it will help you move on and get excited for your upcoming auditions, I promise!

The schools that do pass you on to live auditions are schools that genuinely have a strong interest in you. They are interested in getting to see you perform live and to get to know you better. That should feel fantastic! It should also be validating that you are on the right track: your material is of quality and you sound/look great. Just because one school passes, does not mean you need to change your entire audition material lineup.

If you feel that early rejections have left a big hole in your list, there are plenty of programs with late application deadlines that you could still apply to. Most of these schools will also have later auditions towards the end of winter/early spring. If you feel that a shorter list will fill you with anxiety, go ahead and add a few schools if it works with your budget and already set audition schedule.

Most importantly, keep in mind that you only need one yes. There is a school out there that will be the perfect fit. Keep your head held high and give it your all. You got this!

About Chelsea Diehl

Chelsea is a social contributor for Acceptd and the founder of My College Audition.