Music Major Back to School Haul

Packing for college is an exciting time. Between collaborating with your new roommate on who is bringing what, picking out decorations for your walls and loading up on snacks to hide in your room – there’s lots to do! If you are a music major, you’ll also need to think about what you’ll need to pack to be prepared for your music classes. That’s where we come in! Check out our suggestions on some essentials to help you best tackle your course load:

Manuscript Paper

You’ll need manuscript paper to take notes and jot down music. Bound manuscript paper is especially essential for any music theory class or when inspiration hits for a new song! We especially like this brand as their back cover lists musical terms and definitions in case you ever need a refresher on some basic ideas – because even Mozart got over-tired once in awhile and needed a reminder!

Portable Dry Erase Board

As you know, in order to be a successful musician it takes lots and lots of practice. In turn, at music school, renting out a practice room can be a hot commodity. Often, students will peak their heads into a room to see if it’s clear and up for grabs and this can be frustrating if you are using the room and constantly need to stop and start. Our suggestion? Pack this portable dry erase board (with dry erase removable sheets!) in your school bag and make temporary signs wherever you go! Write out your note (example: Room in use, done at 5PM), tape it to the door and enjoy an interruption free practice. This is a great way to not waste paper as you can erase your message and use the same sheet next time. You can also use these signs for your actual dorm room to alert roommates you are practicing and need some quiet time to get work done. 

Durable Binder + Reinforced Paper

With the amount of music you’ll be carrying around, it’s super important to find a durable binder to carry with you. There’s nothing worse than watching your binder fall to the floor and music scatter around you creating a total disorganized mess. Within your durable binder, make sure to purchase reinforced filler paper. You can flip through your binder to take notes without having to worry about rips or tears.

Index Cards + Ring

Index cards can be a helpful tool to assist in memorization. We like this version as the index cards are already hole punched and fitted to a silver ring. Clip them to your bag or binder and if you find some time in between classes – study on the go!

Post It Tabs

When taking notes on sheet music, these are essential. They come in various sizes so make sure to grab the ones that suit you the best.

Whether it’s your freshman year or senior year, it’s important to have the necessary tools in place to complete a successful year. After all, “success occurs when opportunity meets preparation.”

About Chelsea Diehl

Chelsea is a social contributor for Acceptd and the founder of My College Audition.