Acceptd and Paper Mill Playhouse Team Up to Introduce the “Musical Theatre Common Pre-Screen”


Tony Award® winning Paper Mill Playhouse is pleased to announce a partnership with the online arts platform Acceptd and top tier university musical theatre programs to introduce universal criteria for video submissions known as the Musical Theatre Common Pre-Screen.

Since 2015, we have seen a 66% increase in total submissions to musical theatre programs working with Acceptd,” shared Don Hunter, co-founder & visionary at Acceptd. Hunter adds, “With the increased number of high school seniors applying to and auditioning for college and university musical theatre programs, a need for institutions to vet applicants early in their senior year was created and that’s one way Acceptd supports these programs.”  For almost a decade, colleges have turned to digital pre-screen auditions to help balance the enormous influx of applicants and to determine which applicants will be invited to audition for the programs in person.

Kaitlin Hopkins, Head of Musical Theatre at Texas State University, added “Until now colleges and universities each created school-specific guidelines that would leave students applying to multiple schools with stress, confusion, and the need to create dozens of media files.

In meetings held in New York City and Chicago, Paper Mill and Acceptd facilitated a conversation among key colleges and universities to craft common guidelines for all musical theatre pre-screen auditions. “These universal criteria are intended to streamline the digital pre-screen process while keeping with current industry standards for auditioning musical theatre performers,” Stephen Agosto, Senior Manager of Artistic Engagement at Paper Mill Playhouse, described.

Schools that have adopted the Musical Theatre Common Pre-Screen criteria for 2019-2020 applications are:

      ◦ Boston Conservatory at Berklee
      ◦  Carnegie Mellon University
      ◦  Coastal Carolina University
      ◦  College-Conservatory of Music, University of Cincinnati
      ◦  Elon University
      ◦  Indiana University
      ◦  Ithaca College
      ◦  Missouri State University*
      ◦  Montclair State University*
      ◦  Pace University
      ◦  Pennsylvania State University
      ◦ Point Park University
      ◦  Rider University
      ◦  Shenandoah Conservatory
      ◦  Texas Christian University
      ◦  Texas State University
      ◦  Texas Tech University
      ◦  The University of Alabama
      ◦ University of Central Florida
      ◦  University of North Carolina Greensboro
      ◦  University of Oklahoma, Weitzenhoffer School of Musical Theatre
      ◦  Wright State University*

*these schools do not require a digital pre screen, but use the criteria here for digital audition submissions

To read the new “Musical Theatre Common Pre-Screen” guidelines CLICK HERE.If you are a university that would like more information or would like to join the schools listed, please contact STEPHEN AGOSTO, Senior Manager of Artistic Engagement at Paper Mill Playhouse at