Acceptd Artists Reel: Miles Hanna

Published January 13th, 2021

Miles Hanna is a Musical Theatre major currently chasing his dreams at Point Park University. Tune in to hear Miles discuss the importance of origin stories, setting goals and mindful practices to keep you motivated.

“If I can come on stage and sing my heart out, act my heart out, dance my heart out, all at the same time, that to me is a goal in and of itself.”

“I want kids to know there’s so many things you could do and there’s so many paths into what you want to do”

“Be in the mindset: I’m here for a reason, I’m here because I was meant to be here, always take that mentality into every audition”

“The great thing about these teachers (MCA coaches) is that they’re not just there for the performances part, they are there for you.”

Follow Miles on instagram at @miles_hanna27

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