Acceptd Artists Reel: Nick Daly

Published November 18th, 2020

Meet Nick Daly, Playbill’s 2020 Search for a Star winner who grew a TikTok following of over 90k during quarantine. In our audio interview, we discuss demonstrating empathy through performing, what it’s like to attend a musical theatre program mostly via Zoom, how he grew his massive following, and much more.

Nick Daly is a current sophomore at the University of Michigan. He's from Kenosha Wisconsin and attended Bradford high school, which he notes has a great theater arts program. He's been performing for more than 10 years at is finding a new audience through his viral TikTok account.

"I got on TikTok at the beginning of quarantine because, being an artist, there was no work, there was nothing I could do. I was feeling kind of stagnant and I felt the need to create. I started using my training and creating tech talks. There's a small musical theater TikTok community for sure and I just started posting and people started noticing" - Nick Daly
“I think that being a performer, an artist, and a storyteller was more so a calling than something that I decided that I wanted to do.”
“To me, being accepted means being valued in a space in a way that reflects my own view of my own intrinsic value as a human being, as an artist.“

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