Why YOU are Exactly what Summer Programs Want!

Published January 11th, 2021

Acceptd has just released its 2021 Summer Guide! For those of you who are excited, get into it now! For those of you filled with anxiety at the mere thought of applying, we get it. Reading words like “INTENSIVE,” or “SELECTIVE,” on applications can feel intimidating. We are confident there is a program that is just the right fit for you. Let’s try a quick exercise:

If you think this...

Intense: “of extreme force, degree, or strength”

Think this…

Intensive: “concentrated on a single area or subject or into a short time”

A summer intensive means that you’ll be doing what you love (playing an instrument, dancing, singing, acting) for the length of a school day. No math, science, or PE. Often, you’ll have a full daytime of classes and evenings where you watch or participate in performances. Plus, you’ll usually get to experience methods and classes you may not get to take in your regular school.

If you think this...

Selective: “looking for prodigies only”

Think this...

Selective: “weeding out kids in your school who don’t finish projects or show up on time”

Most summer programs are looking for artists who have some talent and a desire to learn and improve. If you have some experience, some talent, and a lot of excitement for your passion, you’re probably a perfect fit!

If you think this...

Master Class: “for masters or by masters who will pick you apart limb from limb”

Think this...

Master Class: “a teacher or performer of great skill helping students improve their performances”

If your experience of a master class has been one of intimidation, remember great performers are not always great teachers. Most teachers are extremely grateful that students have shown up to learn from them. They are excited to meet students where they are and to help them find more nuance, musicality, and specificity.

Use Acceptd’s 2021 Summer Guide as your actual guide towards a summer adventure! Read about programs in far away places and imagine the opportunities to learn something new that will fire you up for your school year. If you’re not sure that you’re good enough, be bold and apply to several. You might just have your pick of your favorites! If you’re concerned about paying for them, do some research and ask about scholarship opportunities.

The bottom line is teachers love to teach - and they especially love to teach passionate students. So, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. YOU are what they need!

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