Senior Year Countdown: September Checklist

While it may seem hard to believe, summer is coming to a close and the school year is ramping up. If you are a senior, you are probably feeling ready, excited and…completely stressed out! Fall of Senior year is an especially stressful time as the next few months are crucial months to stay organized and on top of college applications and auditions. Balancing school demands, a social life and applications is stressful enough – but throw in scheduling and preparing for auditions and it’s enough to make your head spin.

Here are some crucial items that need to be tackled in the month of September for a performing arts applicant:


Acceptd ProfileMake A Profile on Acceptd

You are bound to have multiple pre-screen schools on your list that will require you to upload audition videos. Before you are ready to upload your materials, it’s super smart to make a profile so you are ready once you feel comfortable material wise. Once you have made a profile, browse the directory to add schools to your list and read up on past blog posts to gain some helpful insight into the college audition process.

Narrow Down Your College List

What are my dream schools? Am I meeting the academic standards? What schools are realistic? These are all important questions to ask yourself. Make sure to have a list that is structured with Reaches, Matches and Safeties that is based on both the performing arts side and academic standards. Need help figuring out what schools are a good match for you? Check out our program Perfect Fit. You can upload audition material and one of our industry experts will thoughtfully review them and respond with feedback and college suggestions. Our expert will make sure it has a good balanceSenior Year Testing Dates  of Reach Schools, Matches and Safeties based on your material, and will provide information (like acceptance rates) for each school.

Register for the SAT/ACT

Make sure to schedule a date to take these tests as they are essential to your application package. You can review deadlines/dates for the SAT here and for the ACT here. Once you are registered…get studying!

Make A Spreadsheet Of College Audition Requirements/Deadlines

Once you have solidified your college list, it’s time to pull requirements for each performing arts program to discover what their audition consists of. Make a spreadsheet of pre-screen due dates, audition dates, material requirements, etc. Need tips on what to put in the spreadsheet? Check out our blog post covering this exact topic!

Research Financial Aid/Scholarship Options

It’s the topic no one is a fan of, but alas, college is not cheap. Research each program on the unique scholarships they offer. Do they hold auditions for talent scholarship money? Score! Do they offer a reduction on tuition if you are in the honors program? Write that extra essay! And lastly, be sure to sit down with your parents to fill out the FAFSA application at the beginning of your senior year.

Text BooksSeek Guidance

Senior year can be both exciting and stressful. It’s okay to need some help with this crazy process! Set up a meeting with a guidance counselor to make sure everything is in order for the academic component. Have a drama teacher, a coach or a trusted mentor watch your audition material to make sure it is showcasing all of your amazingness.

Get to work! Break legs!

About Chelsea Diehl

Chelsea is a social contributor for Acceptd and the founder of My College Audition.