Summertime and The Livin’s Dedicated


How to Maximize Your Summer Break

There are a few theories on how long it takes to become an expert in your field. One famous theory purported by Anders Ericsson suggests it takes 10,000 hours of dedicated practice to become truly great at something.

But how long is 10,000 hours really?

Well, you probably have school right now, or maybe you work full-time.   So, let’s say you practice your passion for 90 minutes a day.  At that rate, it would take 20 years of practicing for 90 minutes a day to become an expert!

Ok, so that’s a REALLY long time! You want to take leadership in your field starting NOW, we get that.  And we’re here to help.

We’ve put together a helpful Summer Guide equipped with tools for your success.  Inside you will learn about specific camps, internships, programs, funding advice, and general information for you to get further involved in the Global Arts Community.  If you still have some broader questions about the upcoming Summer break, here are a few questions to ask yourself as you start to research:

What do you enjoy? 

You know you like painting. But do you want to focus on oils? Acrylics? Still life? Live painting based on movement? Theory and history, or modern practice? This Summer could be a great time to explore niche areas that you haven’t had the chance to previously explore when limited to roughly 90 minutes a day.

What are your goals?

Depending on your long-term aspirations, you could determine any number of factors are important to your success. Studying abroad in a different country may be your best step, but how will you pay for it? Or maybe you want to stay stateside, but there are no programs near you.  Are there any pre-college art programs at local universities that offer the same skills as the exotic program being offered thousands of miles away?  These details are up to YOU to decide, but we’re here to help, and so are your family and school counselors.  They are a wealth of information and having their reference for your college and Summer program applications doesn’t hurt either.

What can you afford?

This can often be a deciding factor, but have no fear. There are a slew of scholarships out there for young artists, and Acceptd is doing our best to bring them to our Premiere Members each week in our Premiere Digest. With your membership, you receive a weekly email with information about scholarships and internships available globally and locally that you can apply for right there from the digest! If the membership route isn’t possible for you, there are lots of other ways to fund your Summer experience detailed on page 8 of the Acceptd Summer Guide.


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