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How to Make the Most of your Winter Break

Winter Break, Rest, Audition Prep

If you are a senior in high school, this break probably couldn’t have come any sooner! Between college applications, college auditions and senior year commitments – you are ready for some R&R. Besides sleeping in until noon (okay, maybe not every day) here are some things I suggest doing while you are on break for the holidays:

Fill out FAFSA

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid opens on January 1st for everyone. This application can be a bit time consuming, so be sure to give yourself plenty of time to fill it out. You’ll need your parents for this, so be sure to grab them in between holiday parties to gather necessary information. Read more

Program Spotlight: The New School

If you are looking for a school that is in the heart of New York City, has an abundance of performance opportunities and allows student to audition in and around the city – you should be applying to The New School.

The New School’s College of Performing Arts is comprised of three schools: The School of Jazz, Mannes School of Music, and the School of Drama—all within the larger university, The New School.

Within each school, students collaborate with their classmates—actors with directors, composers with musicians—making boundaries disappear between majors. In the three performing arts schools, musicians, playwrights, actors, and directors join forces—taking classes and performing together. Across The New School, performing arts students can pursue minors and courses in every discipline: liberal arts, design, technology, and management, to name a few.

We had a chance to chat with Georgia Schmitt, the Director of Admissions at The New School about what exactly makes The New School so unique. Check out her insightful answers: Read more

What It’s Really Like to be a Music Major


What It’s Really Like to be a Music Major

You may think majoring in music is going to be significantly more fun and less stressful than majoring in business or economics, but the truth is: majoring in music is extremely time consuming! Being a music major requires an incredible amount of energy, focus and determination. Your schedule will be jam-packed each day so it’s important to learn how to manage your time so you don’t spread yourself too thin.

So, let’s explore what an average day might look like!

Music Theory Classes

You will most certainly have a music theory class imbedded in your schedule. For students who were not exposed to music theory in high school or who are “self taught” on their instrument, these courses can be especially difficult. Being able to transcribe music (and fully comprehend when you are reading music) is essential to being able to make a career out of your passion. Be sure to make time in your schedule to study music theory so you stay on top of your required assignments. Read more

The Top Musical Theatre and Acting Programs

You want to go to a program that has everything you’ve dreamed of and more. A school with incredible faculty, super impressive alumni and a rigorous performing arts program that will make you the best you can be. You only want to go to a school that will give you the biggest leg up in the industry. So, in turn, you are only going to look at the “top” programs.

However, here’s the deal: the title of this blog was misleading. I’m not going to list the top programs.

Frankly, I don’t know if I fully buy into the idea of a “top” program that universally fits every student. I think this is very subjective (which I will elaborate on later) and also a top program for one candidate may not be a top program for another. What YOU need to thrive is probably not identical to what your best friend needs.

Ask yourself this: do I know WHY I want to go to this program? Or do I just have this on my list because I heard it is a good school? I’m always leery when a student puts a school onto their list just because they know it is “top tier” but they don’t actually know why or if it’s even a good fit for them.

When considering what makes a top tier program “top tier” – there are certain credentials that most students look for. I’d like to demystify the top three myths of what makes a top tier program and hopefully enlighten you to also look for some additional criteria when putting together your college list.

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Why Applying (and Auditioning) Early is Smart

I’m sure your Mother has already told you this, but: you should really be working on your college applications right now. If you didn’t get a jumpstart on your applications already (the Common App opened up this summer) then September is the prime time to really buckle down. On top of applications, as you know, your Fall and Winter are also going to be filled with scheduling auditions, traveling to said auditions and actually auditioning! Get the academic side done early so you can focus on presenting your very best self in the audition room.

For schools that require prescreens or digital portfolio reviews, I also highly recommend not putting this off until the last minute. If you’re anything like me, the technology aspect of actually uploading a video, audio file or visual portfolio can be a bit daunting if you are new to it. Give yourself plenty of time to troubleshoot and get some questions answered from the Acceptd team (if you are a Premiere Member, a 1-on-1 consultation is already built into your package!) If you wait until the last minute to upload your material, you may miss a deadline to your dream school. If your dream schools include Carnegie Mellon for Music, Ithaca College for Musical Theatre, or The Juilliard School for Music, Theatre or Dance – you’re in luck, as they are one of many already accepting applications for the 2015-2016 year.

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Stay on Track: Organization Tips

Let’s be honest: this college audition stuff is stressful! And confusing! Why are there so many different audition requirements for each school? How am I going to fit in all of these auditions? Oh my goodness – why did I ever decide to major in the arts?! Before you start to regret your decision to pursue your dream career, big breath, because we’ve got some tips to help you get organized this summer before audition/application season begins.

First off, spreadsheets/organized lists are your best friend as you go through the college audition process. Let’s start with the first order of business: making a realistic college list. As we are sure you know, a performing arts applicant’s college list tends to be longer than a potential marketing or business major’s list as your acceptance primarily hinges on 5 minutes in the audition room. So, be sure to make a realistic list (check out our post here for tips) and organize as such:


(These are schools that are reaches in terms of performing arts and potentially reaches academically) Read more

Why College Open Houses Are Awesome

September is known as the unofficial start of college application season. Suddenly everything becomes real: college visits, applications, gathering references, transcripts, and digital portfolios, all with the anticipation that over the next several months, you will be deciding on a college.

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What to expect when you’re expecting (to study the arts in college)

The fall of your senior year in high school can be a busy time, especially if you’re planning to go to college, especially especially if you’re planning to study the arts. Music, theatre, dance, and visual arts programs often have a more rigorous application process and can be much more competitive than general admissions to the university. But when you want to study the arts, choosing the right program can be a huge part of getting your career off on the right foot, so you want to get everything right.

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Choosing a Music School: 3 Things More Important than Distance

Two men holding guitars on a rooftop in New York City

Several years ago, Andrea Longato and Francesco Beccaro were both playing guitar in Italy. Andrea was studying engineering while taking private guitar lessons on the side, and Francesco was a full-time musician. They were, and still are, extremely passionate about their music but felt stuck. They needed to find the right training institution to move their careers forward. Several years later, these two Italians are good friends and successful, professional musicians in New York City. How did they do it? They didn’t let distance get in the way of choosing the best music school for them.

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Get ready for application season: Using your summer wisely

If you’re pursuing the arts at a collegiate level, you know that college application season is going to be a busy time for you. Between visits, interviews, applications, portfolios, auditions, and (gasp!) final decisions, the life of a soon-to-be arts major can be crazy. It’s easy to think of the summer before your senior year as a time to relax before the craziness. And while you can definitely still enjoy some pool time, there are a few easy things you can do during the summer that will give you a huge head start in the fall.

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