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What Can’t You Do With an Arts Degree?

08/16/17 by Kelley Lauginiger

As an Arts Education company, we’re used to answering the question: “What can you do with a degree in the arts?” To put it simply, the founders of Acceptd profess, “What CAN’T you do with an arts degree?”

We all know college is expensive, and why spend money on a degree without a clear-cut, steady paycheck waiting for you after graduation? We know you want a return on your investment. We’re here to explain how the arts can offer just that, whether you or your student are interested in music, dance, theatre, design, film, photography, or anything creative. Read more

Career Tips for Music Major Graduates


Did you recently graduate from your dream music school? Ready to face the real world? Here are some career tips for music major graduates to tackle the first few years out of school:

Watch Your Professors

The cool thing about going to music school is most, if not all of your professors are current musicians who are pursuing their passions. Whether you are currently in music school or you just graduated, do your best to maintain your relationships with professors. Find out what gigs they are playing and pick their brain on how they land said gigs. Read more

Classes I wish I took in College as a Performing Arts major

It’s hard to imagine how you could possibly manage to squeeze any more classes into your otherwise already crammed BFA/BA schedule. However, if you are able to find the time or are considering a minor, there are a multitude of classes being offered at your college that could directly benefit your career (maybe without you even knowing it!) These courses will most likely not be written into your schedule, so I encourage you to investigate your options and set your own unique course!

For starters, if I could go back in time I would most definitely take a Web Design/Graphic Design class. If you haven’t already figured it out – our world is totally digital! Knowing how to write your own HTML, design a business card or create beautiful graphics for a website are extremely valuable skills. Working for a theatre company that needs a website re-haul? Being able to offer a hand could mean more cash in your pocket to see that Off-Broadway show you’ve been dying to buy tickets for. If you are heading to the University of Cincinnati try to get a seat in one of their Design, Art, Architecture and Planning classes.

Read more

…what can you really do with a degree in Visual Arts?


Maybe you are one of the lucky ones, but for many students who consider getting a degree in visual arts they are faced with the following question: what are you going to do with a fine arts degree?

Our answer: anything you want! Let’s take a look at some outside the box career options for those who have a love for everything visual arts. Read more