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So, tell me about yourself!

Interviewer: “So, tell me about yourself!”

You: “Ummm…well…”

Has this happened to you? Have you been asked the hardest question known to man? For some reason, answering this simple question sometimes proves to be the most difficult. How exactly can you sum up everything about yourself in one teeny tiny answer?

Before you head to campuses to scope out potential colleges and go on interviews (don’t forget to brush up on our blog post: 4 Great Questions for your College Tour Guide) be sure to come up with what we like to call your 30 Second Story. Whether you are a musician, actress or visual artist – you are ultimately your own business. You are the CEO of your own brand – so you better be able to describe it!

A 30 Second Story is a chance to reveal a bit about yourself and your passions in a concise and compelling manner. Here are some keys points you should be sure to hit:

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Making your performing arts college list

Choosing the perfect college is a hard enough task as is. Add the undertaking of picking the ideal performing arts program housed within your dream college and it can be enough to make your head spin! Summer is the time for students entering their senior year to solidify their college list and start to get organized on each school’s academic and artistic requirements. So, here are some of our top tips on how to narrow down a performing arts college list that will make you happy as both a human being and an artist! Read more

Why College Open Houses Are Awesome

September is known as the unofficial start of college application season. Suddenly everything becomes real: college visits, applications, gathering references, transcripts, and digital portfolios, all with the anticipation that over the next several months, you will be deciding on a college.

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What to expect when you’re expecting (to study the arts in college)

The fall of your senior year in high school can be a busy time, especially if you’re planning to go to college, especially especially if you’re planning to study the arts. Music, theatre, dance, and visual arts programs often have a more rigorous application process and can be much more competitive than general admissions to the university. But when you want to study the arts, choosing the right program can be a huge part of getting your career off on the right foot, so you want to get everything right.

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Get ready for application season: Using your summer wisely

If you’re pursuing the arts at a collegiate level, you know that college application season is going to be a busy time for you. Between visits, interviews, applications, portfolios, auditions, and (gasp!) final decisions, the life of a soon-to-be arts major can be crazy. It’s easy to think of the summer before your senior year as a time to relax before the craziness. And while you can definitely still enjoy some pool time, there are a few easy things you can do during the summer that will give you a huge head start in the fall.

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3 Common mistakes to avoid on college visits

Summer is a great time to get a head start on college visits. Campuses are pretty quiet during the summer months, so you can get a feel for what it’s like without all the hustle and bustle and have some coveted one-on-one time with a tour guide or admissions counselor. You should still plan to visit colleges in the fall, which is a great time to sit in on some classes and maybe attend a student panel. But using your summer months wisely can help you make the most out of your fall visits and application season as a whole.

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Telling people you’re studying the arts: Some awesome go-to answers

If you’re a high school senior approaching graduation, you’re probably used to fielding a lot of questions. Where are you going in the fall? and What are you studying? probably pop up most often. It’s about that time of year when you’ll start being able to answer at least that first one with confidence and (hopefully) excitement. Usually, everyone will be happy to hear your college choice, smiling and nodding politely. When you tell them you’re studying the arts, however, you could face some blank stares or, even worse, negative opinions you didn’t ask to hear.

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You should make your college decision (not other people)

For most performing and visual arts colleges, the big decision day is May 1st. That means by then you should have a solid idea of where you’ll be going in the fall, and that can be a lot of pressure. Making your final college decision is a big deal (you definitely know that already), which is why you’ve taken your application process seriously. Now everyone, from your parents to your teachers to your next-door neighbors, has an opinion about your ultimate college decision. How do you sort it all out to determine what’s best for you?

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Wait-listed: What it means and why it’s not the end of the world

For the last year or so, you’ve been navigating your way through the winding road that is the college admissions process for the arts. It started with college visits, meeting with faculty and current students, and ultimately narrowing down your choices to dream schools, best fit schools, and safety schools. Then came application after application, digital portfolios, prescreen recordings, auditions, interviews, and finally the moment of truth when you find out if all that hard work paid off. But what if you don’t find out? What if you’re not accepted and not rejected? What if you’re wait-listed?

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Happy searching! Presenting our awesome arts directory

The arts are awesome because there are so many opportunities out there. And you, the artist, are awesome because you’re always hungry to find more of them. From colleges and high schools to grants, scholarships, competitions, and festivals, there are a ton of options for you to continue to do what you love. But it can be a little bit daunting to try to find the exact opportunities that fit your needs. Actually, more than a little daunting. Here’s what we mean.

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