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How to Truly Bring YOU into the Audition Room

Hopefully you already know this, but: you are unique and there is no one else auditioning that is JUST like you! Sure, there may be other people who look like you and have similar qualities – but what makes you tick is completely original.

When preparing for an audition, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out what they really want to see in the room. Am I the right type? Should I wear my hair up or down? Are my song selections good enough?

And I’d like to stop you right there! Of course, you need to follow the directions that the program lays out and make sure you are adhering to guidelines, but ultimately, they really want to see what you can bring to the table. They want to see your quirky qualities and learn about the things that make you…you.

Here are some ways to truly bring you into every audition room:

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So, tell me about yourself!

Interviewer: “So, tell me about yourself!”

You: “Ummm…well…”

Has this happened to you? Have you been asked the hardest question known to man? For some reason, answering this simple question sometimes proves to be the most difficult. How exactly can you sum up everything about yourself in one teeny tiny answer?

Before you head to campuses to scope out potential colleges and go on interviews (don’t forget to brush up on our blog post: 4 Great Questions for your College Tour Guide) be sure to come up with what we like to call your 30 Second Story. Whether you are a musician, actress or visual artist – you are ultimately your own business. You are the CEO of your own brand – so you better be able to describe it!

A 30 Second Story is a chance to reveal a bit about yourself and your passions in a concise and compelling manner. Here are some keys points you should be sure to hit:

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What to expect when you’re expecting (to study the arts in college)

The fall of your senior year in high school can be a busy time, especially if you’re planning to go to college, especially especially if you’re planning to study the arts. Music, theatre, dance, and visual arts programs often have a more rigorous application process and can be much more competitive than general admissions to the university. But when you want to study the arts, choosing the right program can be a huge part of getting your career off on the right foot, so you want to get everything right.

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Stage Fright: Cut the coffee and keep breathing

Shaky hands. Rapid heart beat. Shallow breathing. Dry mouth. Most performers are familiar with these pre-performance jitters. Stage fright, also knows as performance anxiety, is extremely common for performers across every discipline.

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Insider tips for college auditions from Broadway star Kyle Dean Massey

01/30/14 by Kyle Dean Massey

Kyle Dean Massey HeadshotKyle Dean Massey is best known for his starring roles on Broadway in Next to Normal, Wicked, Xanadu and Off-Broadway in Altar Boyz and Lucky Guy. He’s currently playing the role of Fiyero in Wicked on Broadway and coaching aspiring young actors at Stagelighter. He took a break between shows to talk to us about college auditions and what it takes to make it on Broadway.

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Your Successful Prescreen: Prep tips from Mary Anna Dennard

It’s officially October, which for you high school seniors out there means the college search and admissions process is in full swing. If you’re applying for a degree in music, theatre, or dance, there’s even more on your plate.  You will almost certainly have to do a live audition before you’re officially accepted into a program. You’ve no doubt thought about that already and have maybe even started preparing for it.

What you may not be as familiar with is the concept of a prescreen video. This is a recorded audition of sorts that some programs require as a prerequisite to a live audition. College reps and admissions counselors will review your prescreen video before inviting you to audition for a spot in their program. It’s kind of a big deal.

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“Why did you pick this song?”: Choose audition material for your best YOU

Chelsea Cipolla is the co-founder of My College Audition. She’s a graduate from Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts where she received a BA in Acting and Theatre Education. AfterChelsea C graduating, Chelsea returned to Emerson College to help teach their Summer Arts Academy for three years before moving to New York City. In this post, she talks about how to choose audition material for the real you for your college audition.

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Are You In Shape? Running On The Audition Treadmill

It’s 6AM on a weekday, the sun is just beginning to break through the gray morning sky and already my local gym is full of energetic participants. Each one willing to work hard to be the best they can be, and start their day ready to take on the world. Like you, they are ambitious, hopeful about their future and ready to “bring it”. However, there is one difference. The gym members can choose to get off the treadmill, drop the weights and head for the showers whenever they have had enough. But, as a Thespian, the audition treadmill never stops. The choice to get off the treadmill comes only if you decide to throw in the towel. For good.
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