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Build Confidence: Take the First Step into the Spotlight

Build Confidence
09/09/16 by Jeri Gaile

Everyone feels overwhelmed when school starts. The last thing you want to do is fill out applications for competitions, college, workshops, etc. What you don’t realize is that the very process of applying and participating in these events can do amazing things for building confidence! It takes very little effort and the rewards are enormous. Read on to learn how you can build your confidence as a performer and overcome “stage fright”. Read more

Building Confidence as a Performer

It’s no secret that if you’ve picked a career in the performing arts you are bound to face rejection time and time again. It’s also no secret that maintaining a healthy level of confidence can be difficult when it feels like you are failing. It’s a sea of “no’s” mixed with the occasional, joyful “yes.”

Unfortunately, it’s the nature of the business. However, rejection is also essential to be able to truly relish and enjoy the moments of success when they do come. I’m not saying rejection is easy, but there are certainly ways to learn from a “no” to build your confidence for your next audition. Read more