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For those graduating: Now what?


You just had your final college class this week…forever. What! How did that happen? While it may feel like your parents just dropped you off for your freshman year yesterday, it’s now time to enter the real world. And for a performing artist, this can be a little scary!

Don’t let fear guide you. Instead, make a solid and practical game plan for the first year out of school. After all, there is no right way to pursue a career in theatre, music, art or dance – so making a plan that is unique to you is essential.

Here are some tips on how to tackle your first year out:

Finding A Home

Depending on your art form, you probably feel like you need to get to a big city to make sure you have the most amount of job opportunities at your fingertips. This is most likely very true. But which city is right for you? Most performing arts students flock to NYC after graduation, but there are other cities that are very much worth exploring. LA, Chicago and Boston may have exactly what you are looking for with potentially less competition in your chosen field. Make a list of what jobs/opportunities are important to you and research each city before deciding on one.

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