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How One Extra Minute Can Make For Your Best Audition Ever

Here’s the scenario: You wait outside the audition room minutes away from being called through the door. You feel your nerves kicking into “overdrive” and your confidence slipping away. You know that you are prepared to do good work, but experience tells you that your nerves are likely to get in the way.

This is what you do: Give yourself one minute – one full minute – to engage your brain, your imagination, and your power of concentration to move yourself away from nervousness and into your dramatic circumstance. Living inside your story is a much more powerful, and fun, place to be than waiting in a crowded room for your name to be called. Read more

Brush up on the basics: Live or recorded theatre and musical theatre auditions


For young performing artists pursuing theatre or musical theatre, life can seem like  series of auditions: college auditions, show auditions, live auditions, digital auditions, it doesn’t matter. You know that you have one chance to really blow your judges away. One of the worst things you can do in an audition is to be unmemorable. You need to make sure your performance can stand out in a crowd, and that takes a combination of confidence, talent, and solid preparation.

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