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Program Spotlight: Powerhouse Theater Training [Playwright Review]

Interested in attending the Powerhouse Theater Training Program? Then be sure to continue reading to hear first hand from a student about their life-changing summer at Powerhouse!

I stumbled into The Powerhouse Theater Training Program almost by accident. The spring before my final semester of college at Central Michigan University, as a Musical Theatre major, I spent all my free time auditioning for summer theater companies and generally trying to figure out how I fit in the world as an artist and soon-to-be college graduate. After attending an informational call-back with Producing and Education Director Michael Sheehan, I found out about the Powerhouse playwriting program. The timing of this meeting was nothing short of serendipitous. I had just finished writing a script that turned out to be the first of many, and I used that work to apply to (and ultimately be accepted into) the program as a playwright.

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How to Nail Your Songbook Academy Audition: Be YOU! Tips from a Songbook Academy Mentor

The Songbook Academy Summer Intensive logo

We’ve shared advice on selecting the right audition material, which is a critical part of any audition, but the next step, once you’ve found that perfect piece is how to make it your own and nail your audition. If you would like the inside scoop on how to make your video a standout, meet Songbook Academy Musical Director and Coach, Beckie Menzie. Read more

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is a time where we often take a second to stop and reflect on what we are thankful for. It’s important to appreciate and give thanks to the things that make your life meaningful and fulfilling.

This year, however, I want you to think about not only what you are thankful for but who you are thankful for. I guarantee there are a few people in your life that you are pretty sure you couldn’t (or wouldn’t want to) live without.

Here are a few people you might want to shoot a kind text to or hug extra hard this holiday season:

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Exposure: The College Artists Guide to Growth and Success

College doesn’t have to be a pit stop on the way to your career. In fact, it shouldn’t be treated as such. Your college experience should be an opportunity to gain exposure.

If you haven’t yet realized it, exposure is often treated as currency in the arts. Eventually you will need to make a living wage. For now, a college program should give you bang for your buck by preparing you for your future.

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Senior Year Countdown: September Checklist

While it may seem hard to believe, summer is coming to a close and the school year is ramping up. If you are a senior, you are probably feeling ready, excited and…completely stressed out! Fall of Senior year is an especially stressful time as the next few months are crucial months to stay organized and on top of college applications and auditions. Balancing school demands, a social life and applications is stressful enough – but throw in scheduling and preparing for auditions and it’s enough to make your head spin.

Here are some crucial items that need to be tackled in the month of September for a performing arts applicant:


Acceptd ProfileMake A Profile on Acceptd

You are bound to have multiple pre-screen schools on your list that will require you to upload audition videos. Before you are ready to upload your materials, it’s super smart to make a profile so you are ready once you feel comfortable material wise. Once you have made a profile, browse the directory to add schools to your list and read up on past blog posts to gain some helpful insight into the college audition process.

Narrow Down Your College List

What are my dream schools? Am I meeting the academic standards? What schools are realistic? These are all important questions to ask yourself. Make sure to have a list that is structured with Reaches, Matches and Safeties that is based on both the performing arts side and academic standards. Need help figuring out what schools are a good match for you? Check out our program Perfect Fit. You can upload audition material and one of our industry experts will thoughtfully review them and respond with feedback and college suggestions. Our expert will make sure it has a good balanceSenior Year Testing Dates  of Reach Schools, Matches and Safeties based on your material, and will provide information (like acceptance rates) for each school.

Register for the SAT/ACT

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Want to pursue a degree in the performing arts?

Want to pursue a degree in the performing arts? Ask yourself these questions first.

Summer is the perfect time to start to get organized for college applications and potentially, college auditions. Maybe you have already begun prepping and are completely sure this is the right career path for you – or maybe you are toying with the idea of getting a fine arts degree but aren’t completely sure. Maybe you want the performing arts to be a part of your college career but are not positive in what capacity.

Either way, making this huge commitment to get a degree in theatre, music or dance takes some serious soul searching. Here are some questions I recommend asking yourself to help determine what you’d realistically like to pursue in college:

Is this something I want to pursue full time or is this more of a hobby?

If you attend a conservatory for performing arts, you can guarantee you will be working on your craft 24/7. There will be little to no time for anything else. If you attend a Liberal Arts school and pursue a BFA/BM, you will still take general education classes but will have very little additional room for anything outside your major. If you know that nothing would make you happier than performing and training and you want little to no outside commitments – this is definitely a major you should pursue. If you know you love to perform but have an equal interest in another field, maybe a minor in Theatre/Music/Dance or a school where you can double major is right for you. You don’t have to be set on a having a “career” in the performing arts to enjoy doing it. They can always be a part of your life – it’s the capacity of how much you want it to be in your life that is up to you.

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10 Things To Do The Summer Before College

Senior year is complete! The sun is out and you are ready to enjoy summer before your next big adventure begins. I wanted to offer a few suggestions to be sure to incorporate into your summer plans!

Here are 10 things to do before college begins (eek!):

Connect with your soon-to-be roomie

Not only is it important for you to bond – but it’s also important to figure out who is bringing the TV! Friend them on Facebook, follow them on Instagram and get to know them through phone calls over the next few months. It’ll make move-in day much more fun!

Visit with your doctor

While it’s never a super fun visit, it’s important to check in with your doctor before school. Get prescriptions to anything you will need throughout the year and it might be smart to have a physical before you leave.

Organize finances

Check in with your parents and have a frank conversation about money and spending. If you need a new debit card, now is the time to set that up. If your parents will be helping you throughout the year, make sure you understand the parameters so you don’t blow your budget!

Get a summer job

Keeping with the theme of organizing your finances, if you can, it would be beneficial for you to nab a summer job. Having the extra cash while in college is very helpful. If you’ll be supporting yourself, books and school supplies can really add up. Also, you just never know when you’ll need to order that late night pizza!

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The Money Problem

It’s getting close to final decision time (May 1st is just around the corner!) and you may be stressed because you are having a difficult time choosing which college to put your deposit down on. Many times, the final decision comes down to finances and what you and your family can feasibly afford. Your dream school might just be out of reach because realistically, you can’t afford it. That can be very tough to stomach.

I have had lots of conversations over the past few weeks with families weighing the decision to send their kid to a school they can’t afford. While I am a complete and total advocate for college training programs (you’ll need to be trained to be competitive in this field!), you need to be completely honest with yourself about what type of debt you are willing to take on. Graduating with a degree in acting, music or dance gives you absolutely no guarantee for employment in the future and graduating with a mountain of debt can be suffocating.

Do not go into major debt attending a performing arts college. When you graduate, your top priority will be to find work that’s (hopefully) within your field. You’ll most likely need to supplement, for awhile at least, with another job as well. One of the biggest mistakes I see young graduates doing is filling their schedule to the brim with “day jobs” in order to survive and pay for rent, food and….yes, student loans. The first thing that gets eliminated when you do this is auditioning, networking and everything that is fundamental to building a career in the arts. You get stretched too thin. Don’t let crippling student loan debt be one of the reasons for missing a once in a lifetime audition!

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Let’s Talk About Waitlists

After stalking your mailman for months, you finally received word from your #1 school! It’s a big envelope, so you feel extra hopeful. After carefully opening (*ripping your way through*) the fate holder, you skim the letter to find out you are on the waitlist. Now what?

First off, congrats! It’s not a No, which means you still have a chance. They saw potential and for whatever reason, can’t offer you a spot now but they could in the future.

So, now, more waiting, unfortunately. It can be daunting to try to figure out the best way to follow up with the school without sounding desperate. Each school has their own policies for a waitlist and some schools are much more likely than others to accept students off the waitlist. There’s no use in trying to investigate your odds as most schools are reluctant to tell you where you sit on the list, so, it’s best to show your interest and hope for the best.

Here are some tips for what to do while sitting on a waitlist: Read more

Holiday Gift Ideas for a Performing Artist


Looking to spoil the performer in your life? We’ve put together some great gift and stocking stuffer ideas for the actor/musician/artist on your list.

Tote Bag

In order to be fully prepared for a college audition – you can expect to bring a bag packed to the brim for each audition! Pick up a messenger bag from Timbuk2 or a duffle bag from Capezio so your performer can be sure to carry all necessary garments, shoes, sheet music, water bottles and snacks in one bag!

The Belt Box

The Belt Box is the first portable voice dampener for singers. Singers can simply put it over their mouth while warming up to avoid disturbing others! Bring this on the road while traveling to a college audition or even use them in the hotel before heading to the audition (and you’ll be assured they won’t be waking up their hotel neighbors!) Read more