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5 Things to be Grateful for this Thanksgiving

It’s the time of year for family fun and eating way too much! Amidst the turkey carving and pie eating, I want to remind you to use this holiday season as a chance to remind yourself of all the ways you should be grateful. Here are some examples to get you thinking:

Your Passion/Art

Knowing what you want to do and who you want to be when you are older is a huge gift at your age. Many people who head off to college enter as undeclared or undecided in the hopes that they’ll discover a passion throughout the next four years. You, however, are pursuing your dreams already and for that you should be grateful! Also, Music, Theatre, Visual Arts, Dance and Cinematic Arts are all amazing ways to express yourself and have your voice be heard. Remember to be grateful for the gifts you were given and your desire to share this with the world. Read more

Program Spotlight: The New School

If you are looking for a school that is in the heart of New York City, has an abundance of performance opportunities and allows student to audition in and around the city – you should be applying to The New School.

The New School’s College of Performing Arts is comprised of three schools: The School of Jazz, Mannes School of Music, and the School of Drama—all within the larger university, The New School.

Within each school, students collaborate with their classmates—actors with directors, composers with musicians—making boundaries disappear between majors. In the three performing arts schools, musicians, playwrights, actors, and directors join forces—taking classes and performing together. Across The New School, performing arts students can pursue minors and courses in every discipline: liberal arts, design, technology, and management, to name a few.

We had a chance to chat with Georgia Schmitt, the Director of Admissions at The New School about what exactly makes The New School so unique. Check out her insightful answers: Read more

I Didn’t Pass a Pre-Screen. Now what?

Getting a rejection early in the college audition season can be a huge blow to one’s confidence, ultimately leading you to question your ability and destiny. Many thoughts might begin to run through your head: If this school doesn’t want me, will any others? Am I really good enough to be doing this? What if I don’t get in anywhere?

What I would first like to say is: it’s okay to be sad! Take the necessary time to feel a bit sad about the outcome and then when you’re ready, pick yourself up and move on. As you know, this career choice will come with lots of rejections – so, now is as good a time as any to start to develop that thick skin! Read more

Questions to be Prepared for in the Room

You finish your performance, smile graciously, and thank the auditors for their time and start to head to the door. Suddenly, you are stopped and brought back to the center of the room as they have some questions for you! Before your heart starts beating out of your chest, calm yourself down by remembering this is a great thing. They want to get to know you and find out what you can bring to the program.

Many performers only focus on their audition material when preparing for a college audition. However, a huge part of auditioning for college is allowing the school to get to know you as a human being and what unique qualities you can bring with you for four years. Let’s take a look at some common questions you should be prepared to answer in the room:

Why did you pick your material?

Saying you liked it or connected with it is not enough. Let’s hope you like your material! If you truly found a connection with your song, you should be prepared to explain what that connection is. Why did you pick that song over other songs? What really spoke to you? Giving the auditors some insight into your selections allows them to learn about you and your preparation process. Read more

How to Still do Your Job (When You Don’t Have a Gig)


As all performers know, there is the inevitable downtime that happens when one project ends and the next one begins. Or, there may not be another project lined up but just auditions on the horizon. Trying to fill this downtime can be daunting. Some performers sink into a funk and start to get restless because they feel they aren’t contributing to their career. However, I’d like to offer some ways to still feel creative while simultaneously bettering yourself for that next awesome gig!

First off: wake up! I mean that literally. Find time to relax, but don’t sleep through half your day. Motivate yourself to get up at the same time you would normally head somewhere for an audition or for your acting class. Use your morning to be productive and I guarantee by lunch time you’ll feel more accomplished than you have in awhile.

Shia Read more

The Top Musical Theatre and Acting Programs

You want to go to a program that has everything you’ve dreamed of and more. A school with incredible faculty, super impressive alumni and a rigorous performing arts program that will make you the best you can be. You only want to go to a school that will give you the biggest leg up in the industry. So, in turn, you are only going to look at the “top” programs.

However, here’s the deal: the title of this blog was misleading. I’m not going to list the top programs.

Frankly, I don’t know if I fully buy into the idea of a “top” program that universally fits every student. I think this is very subjective (which I will elaborate on later) and also a top program for one candidate may not be a top program for another. What YOU need to thrive is probably not identical to what your best friend needs.

Ask yourself this: do I know WHY I want to go to this program? Or do I just have this on my list because I heard it is a good school? I’m always leery when a student puts a school onto their list just because they know it is “top tier” but they don’t actually know why or if it’s even a good fit for them.

When considering what makes a top tier program “top tier” – there are certain credentials that most students look for. I’d like to demystify the top three myths of what makes a top tier program and hopefully enlighten you to also look for some additional criteria when putting together your college list.

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4 Things to Bring to Your Audition (That You Might Forget)

You’ve got your music binder, a headshot/resume and brought a parent along for emotional support – what else could you need for your college audition? Well, lots! Here are some ideas on what to bring to have your most successful audition yet:

A Journal

The minute you leave your audition it’s all going to feel like a blur. You’ll begin to overanalyze every single little thing that happened in the room. Was the comment about my song choice positive or negative? Why was she taking notes during my monologue or performance? I encourage you to stop, take a big breath and grab your audition journal! Before you head home for the day, stop and take some notes on your audition and reflect on your job well done. Write down anything that felt off in the room, what felt especially excellent and definitely write down any comments the auditors might have given you. Also, make sure to jot down the name of the person who auditioned you. This is important if you want to be able to follow up with them later with a thank you note! Audition reflection is an important part of auditioning – rather than convincing yourself it went poorly, write down everything that felt amazing and use the feedback in the room to better equip you (and excite you!) for your next audition. I’m a big fan of the Memo Books by Moleskin – super sleek and fits into an audition bag nicely!

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Building Confidence as a Performer

It’s no secret that if you’ve picked a career in the performing arts you are bound to face rejection time and time again. It’s also no secret that maintaining a healthy level of confidence can be difficult when it feels like you are failing. It’s a sea of “no’s” mixed with the occasional, joyful “yes.”

Unfortunately, it’s the nature of the business. However, rejection is also essential to be able to truly relish and enjoy the moments of success when they do come. I’m not saying rejection is easy, but there are certainly ways to learn from a “no” to build your confidence for your next audition. Read more

Why Applying (and Auditioning) Early is Smart

I’m sure your Mother has already told you this, but: you should really be working on your college applications right now. If you didn’t get a jumpstart on your applications already (the Common App opened up this summer) then September is the prime time to really buckle down. On top of applications, as you know, your Fall and Winter are also going to be filled with scheduling auditions, traveling to said auditions and actually auditioning! Get the academic side done early so you can focus on presenting your very best self in the audition room.

For schools that require prescreens or digital portfolio reviews, I also highly recommend not putting this off until the last minute. If you’re anything like me, the technology aspect of actually uploading a video, audio file or visual portfolio can be a bit daunting if you are new to it. Give yourself plenty of time to troubleshoot and get some questions answered from the Acceptd team (if you are a Premiere Member, a 1-on-1 consultation is already built into your package!) If you wait until the last minute to upload your material, you may miss a deadline to your dream school. If your dream schools include Carnegie Mellon for Music, Ithaca College for Musical Theatre, or The Juilliard School for Music, Theatre or Dance – you’re in luck, as they are one of many already accepting applications for the 2015-2016 year.

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Classes I wish I took in College as a Performing Arts major

It’s hard to imagine how you could possibly manage to squeeze any more classes into your otherwise already crammed BFA/BA schedule. However, if you are able to find the time or are considering a minor, there are a multitude of classes being offered at your college that could directly benefit your career (maybe without you even knowing it!) These courses will most likely not be written into your schedule, so I encourage you to investigate your options and set your own unique course!

For starters, if I could go back in time I would most definitely take a Web Design/Graphic Design class. If you haven’t already figured it out – our world is totally digital! Knowing how to write your own HTML, design a business card or create beautiful graphics for a website are extremely valuable skills. Working for a theatre company that needs a website re-haul? Being able to offer a hand could mean more cash in your pocket to see that Off-Broadway show you’ve been dying to buy tickets for. If you are heading to the University of Cincinnati try to get a seat in one of their Design, Art, Architecture and Planning classes.

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