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Finding Inspiration as a Performer

Finding Inspiration as an Artist

Along the journey of trying to become successful in your art form through the necessities of auditioning, interviewing, meeting deadlines, etc. – it’s likely you’ll at some point lose inspiration along the way. You may even forget the very reason you fell in love with your art in the first place. These daily requirements can be hard enough to keep up with as is, but add in rejections and “no’s” to the daily grind and it can be pretty tough on one’s spirit.

As an artist or performer, it’s your responsibility to communicate through your art to tell a story and bring to life a character or scene for any given audience. Being inspired is key to being able to communicate! When we lose inspiration for what we love to do, that sometimes can translate into negative results. Read more

Qualities of a top-notch college audition monologue

For college auditions, you’ll need to have a solid repertoire of college audition monologues. At minimum, you should be prepared with two contrasting contemporary monologues and one classical.

Contemporary Monologues are monologues from Chekov to today. Ideally, you should be choosing a monologue with modern language that was written in the last ten to twenty years. Alternatively, Classical Monologues are pre-Chekov and include (but aren’t limited to) the following playwrights: Shakespeare, Marlowe, Webster, etc.

Now that you know the definitions: what should you be looking for in a monologue? What makes up a quality college audition monologue?

For starters, here are three qualities that define a top-notch monologue: Read more

Music Major Back to School Haul

Packing for college is an exciting time. Between collaborating with your new roommate on who is bringing what, picking out decorations for your walls and loading up on snacks to hide in your room – there’s lots to do! If you are a music major, you’ll also need to think about what you’ll need to pack to be prepared for your music classes. That’s where we come in! Check out our suggestions on some essentials to help you best tackle your course load:

Manuscript Paper

You’ll need manuscript paper to take notes and jot down music. Bound manuscript paper is especially essential for any music theory class or when inspiration hits for a new song! We especially like this brand as their back cover lists musical terms and definitions in case you ever need a refresher on some basic ideas – because even Mozart got over-tired once in awhile and needed a reminder! Read more

Stay on Track: Organization Tips

Let’s be honest: this college audition stuff is stressful! And confusing! Why are there so many different audition requirements for each school? How am I going to fit in all of these auditions? Oh my goodness – why did I ever decide to major in the arts?! Before you start to regret your decision to pursue your dream career, big breath, because we’ve got some tips to help you get organized this summer before audition/application season begins.

First off, spreadsheets/organized lists are your best friend as you go through the college audition process. Let’s start with the first order of business: making a realistic college list. As we are sure you know, a performing arts applicant’s college list tends to be longer than a potential marketing or business major’s list as your acceptance primarily hinges on 5 minutes in the audition room. So, be sure to make a realistic list (check out our post here for tips) and organize as such:


(These are schools that are reaches in terms of performing arts and potentially reaches academically) Read more

5 Myths of the Audition Room

5 Myths of the Audition Room

Auditions can be a tense and nerve wracking experience for anyone. Sometimes the worst part of an audition can be when it’s over and you start to overanalyze! Before your next audition, check out our debunking of some common myths below:

  1. They stopped me before I finished my selection. They hate me.

You’ve spent months preparing the perfect cut for your college audition only to have the auditor stop you before you finished. This can feel crushing in the moment – but, truth is – they may have heard exactly what they needed to hear. Sometimes auditors spend more time with students who don’t immediately “wow” them or students who appear super nervous, so they can get a better feel if they are a good fit. Read more

So, tell me about yourself!

Interviewer: “So, tell me about yourself!”

You: “Ummm…well…”

Has this happened to you? Have you been asked the hardest question known to man? For some reason, answering this simple question sometimes proves to be the most difficult. How exactly can you sum up everything about yourself in one teeny tiny answer?

Before you head to campuses to scope out potential colleges and go on interviews (don’t forget to brush up on our blog post: 4 Great Questions for your College Tour Guide) be sure to come up with what we like to call your 30 Second Story. Whether you are a musician, actress or visual artist – you are ultimately your own business. You are the CEO of your own brand – so you better be able to describe it!

A 30 Second Story is a chance to reveal a bit about yourself and your passions in a concise and compelling manner. Here are some keys points you should be sure to hit:

Read more

How One Extra Minute Can Make For Your Best Audition Ever

Here’s the scenario: You wait outside the audition room minutes away from being called through the door. You feel your nerves kicking into “overdrive” and your confidence slipping away. You know that you are prepared to do good work, but experience tells you that your nerves are likely to get in the way.

This is what you do: Give yourself one minute – one full minute – to engage your brain, your imagination, and your power of concentration to move yourself away from nervousness and into your dramatic circumstance. Living inside your story is a much more powerful, and fun, place to be than waiting in a crowded room for your name to be called. Read more

Making your performing arts college list

Choosing the perfect college is a hard enough task as is. Add the undertaking of picking the ideal performing arts program housed within your dream college and it can be enough to make your head spin! Summer is the time for students entering their senior year to solidify their college list and start to get organized on each school’s academic and artistic requirements. So, here are some of our top tips on how to narrow down a performing arts college list that will make you happy as both a human being and an artist! Read more

Stage Fright: Cut the coffee and keep breathing

Shaky hands. Rapid heart beat. Shallow breathing. Dry mouth. Most performers are familiar with these pre-performance jitters. Stage fright, also knows as performance anxiety, is extremely common for performers across every discipline.

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Your theatre career: Auditions, interviews, and why you’re totally prepared for anything

Entering into the professional workforce with a degree in the performing arts can be scary. Even the best of the best performers will tell you that at some point in your theatre career you’ll probably have to get a job outside of the performance community. That might be difficult to hear. You’ve just spent 2-4 years investing in your passion and now you’re stepping out into a world where you might have to interview for a position instead of audition for a role.

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