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5 Reasons to Thank Your Teacher

It’s National Thank a Teacher Week! So we wanted to dedicate a blog post to the hardworking, oftentimes underappreciated, performing arts teachers out there. Everyone who’s ever been passionate about the arts can usually pinpoint one teacher, one person, who helped them grow into the artist they are and prepare them for the one they hope to become.

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A little motivation: Your art is important

The life of a performing artist is always busy: auditions, rehearsals, shows, more rehearsals, more auditions. But for the last year or so, you’ve had to deal with the extra stress of a college search. Somewhere in between all the normal activities you do to keep up with your art, you had to find time to visit colleges, apply to them, make audition videos, audition in person, and make a final decision on where you want to go.

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Telling people you’re studying the arts: Some awesome go-to answers

If you’re a high school senior approaching graduation, you’re probably used to fielding a lot of questions. Where are you going in the fall? and What are you studying? probably pop up most often. It’s about that time of year when you’ll start being able to answer at least that first one with confidence and (hopefully) excitement. Usually, everyone will be happy to hear your college choice, smiling and nodding politely. When you tell them you’re studying the arts, however, you could face some blank stares or, even worse, negative opinions you didn’t ask to hear.

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You should make your college decision (not other people)

For most performing and visual arts colleges, the big decision day is May 1st. That means by then you should have a solid idea of where you’ll be going in the fall, and that can be a lot of pressure. Making your final college decision is a big deal (you definitely know that already), which is why you’ve taken your application process seriously. Now everyone, from your parents to your teachers to your next-door neighbors, has an opinion about your ultimate college decision. How do you sort it all out to determine what’s best for you?

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Summer arts programs: What’s best for you?

It’s been a long winter but spring has finally sprung. That means it’s time to start getting excited about summer! If you’re an aspiring artist, you know that the summer can be your time to shine at summer arts programs. Between festivals, intensives, and workshops, there are so many opportunities to spend your summers immersed in the arts.

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Happy searching! Presenting our awesome arts directory

The arts are awesome because there are so many opportunities out there. And you, the artist, are awesome because you’re always hungry to find more of them. From colleges and high schools to grants, scholarships, competitions, and festivals, there are a ton of options for you to continue to do what you love. But it can be a little bit daunting to try to find the exact opportunities that fit your needs. Actually, more than a little daunting. Here’s what we mean.

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Don’t slow down yet: 3 Ways to Snag Extra Money for College

For everyone applying to college for the performing or visual arts, it probably seems like you’ve been working on it forever. Your college search most likely began over a year ago, and the process of building your resume and portfolio began even earlier. You’ve put in the work at summer intensives, camps, and festivals and you’ve spent countless hours perfecting and rehearsing your craft. You have every right to be exhausted and burnt out on the entire college application process. Read more

Applying to college and the myth of the magic number

If you’re applying to college this year, you may have heard of the myth of the magic number: the secret number of colleges you should apply to that will guarantee you an acceptance letter in the spring.  If you do a quick search, you’ll find that the magic number can be as small as 2 and as high as  20. Needless to say, it can be a little confusing.

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For the Juniors: 5 things you can learn from someone else’s performing arts college search

It’s that time of year again when it seems like the words on everybody’s lips are college search, especially if you’re considering a performing arts degree. If you’re serious about pursuing the performing arts as a career, your technical training started a while ago, but preparing for your college search and admissions process is a different beast altogether. Leading up to your senior year is a whirlwind of visits, auditions, prescreens, conferences, and applications, and if you’re not ready for it, the whole process can be overwhelming.

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Finding your place: Pursuing a career in the performing arts

It’s no secret: pursuing a career in the performing arts is hard work. Even those who’ve already “made it big” admit that it’s never been easy and they never stop working. If you’re an aspiring performing artist, you already know that, and you’re going to follow your dreams anyway. This is why artists are some of the bravest, most passionate people out there.

Whether you’re an actor, dancer, musician, or an awesome combination of the three, we want to help you find your place. Read more