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Playing with Purpose: Interview with Violinist Kimberly Fisher

PIMF Artistic Director

Many musicians know from a very young age that playing music is more than an interest; it’s who they are. Acceptd interviewed Kimberly Fisher, Artistic Director of the Philadelphia International Music Camp & Festival (PIMF) and Principal Second Violin for The Philadelphia Orchestra. Ms. Fisher is equally encouraging of musicians of all ages, interests, and levels as she is an inspiration for future professional musicians.

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VIDEO: Why do you love theatre? Thespian Festival 2014

In June, we had the chance to spend a week at the International Thespian Festival in Lincoln, Nebraska with thousands of high school thespians and theatre educators from around the world. It was amazing to be  surround by such a love and passion for theatre and theatre arts, from the performers on stage to the crew in the back.

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Stage Fright: Cut the coffee and keep breathing

Shaky hands. Rapid heart beat. Shallow breathing. Dry mouth. Most performers are familiar with these pre-performance jitters. Stage fright, also knows as performance anxiety, is extremely common for performers across every discipline.

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Your theatre career: Auditions, interviews, and why you’re totally prepared for anything

Entering into the professional workforce with a degree in the performing arts can be scary. Even the best of the best performers will tell you that at some point in your theatre career you’ll probably have to get a job outside of the performance community. That might be difficult to hear. You’ve just spent 2-4 years investing in your passion and now you’re stepping out into a world where you might have to interview for a position instead of audition for a role.

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