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What To Do With No’s

What happens when you put your heart and soul into preparing for college auditions and then end up with a pile of rejections? Everyone told you how talented you were and that every school would be lucky to have you – so, what do you do now?

I understand that you feel very defeated right now. It’s normal to feel let down and a little lost. One thing is for sure: this process is confusing and often times, very unfair. You have to remind yourself that you are talented and obviously quite driven to have pursued this in the first place, so all is not lost.

However, now you have some thinking to do. If you got rejected from every school or ended up with acceptances you weren’t completely excited about, there are a few things I suggest doing (and not doing):

Gap Year

You may have heard someone mention the phrase “Gap Year” somewhere along the way and never really considered it. Gap years can be a truly fantastic idea if you approach them the right way. This would mean you take a year away from school and reapply and audition for programs this coming fall. In order to have a productive gap year, here are some suggestions on how to fill your year:

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