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Program Spotlight: Powerhouse Theater Training [Playwright Review]

Interested in attending the Powerhouse Theater Training Program? Then be sure to continue reading to hear first hand from a student about their life-changing summer at Powerhouse!

I stumbled into The Powerhouse Theater Training Program almost by accident. The spring before my final semester of college at Central Michigan University, as a Musical Theatre major, I spent all my free time auditioning for summer theater companies and generally trying to figure out how I fit in the world as an artist and soon-to-be college graduate. After attending an informational call-back with Producing and Education Director Michael Sheehan, I found out about the Powerhouse playwriting program. The timing of this meeting was nothing short of serendipitous. I had just finished writing a script that turned out to be the first of many, and I used that work to apply to (and ultimately be accepted into) the program as a playwright.

My time at Powerhouse as a playwriting apprentice can be described as immersive, rigorous, and thrilling. Each morning we woke up, took classes in acting, directing, and writing, spent our afternoons observing the professional company’s rehearsals, and dedicated our evenings to writing and creating our own art. This was an absolute dream for someone like me who is passionate about multiple elements of theater. Being able to take classes in movement and acting while learning about writing new work was so fulfilling to me as an artist.

One of my favorite parts of the program was the weekly “Roundtable Discussion” where the playwriting and directing participants would meet with faculty and administrators to talk about the art we were taking in and creating. We spent time unpacking the rehearsals and performances we experienced and asked tough questions like “What kind of artists do we want to be?” “What does our art represent?” “What kinds of systems does our art contribute to?” I’ve never been a part of a company that so deeply and sincerely asked us to explore ourselves as creators and to examine the external impact we had when we worked on a project. I felt challenged to make decisions about who I was and where I belonged in an artistic community.

Leaving Powerhouse filled me with motivation and encouragement. I left with a tangible set of artistic tools to forge my path as a young creator, maker, and doer. I’ve always found a home in composing and writing my own work, but Powerhouse taught me that it’s okay to call myself a playwright and take myself seriously. The experiences I had as a playwriting apprentice celebrated new work, celebrated failure, and celebrated the beauty that comes from just putting pen to paper and making something happen. I continue to carry these values with me as I write and perform. I’m overwhelmingly grateful for the friendships and lessons I gained during my summer with The Powerhouse Theater Training Program.

– Claire-Frances Sullivan, Playwriting Student/Powerhouse Theater Training Program, Summer 2017


To learn more about The Powerhouse Theater Training Program visit their Acceptd page here.

How to Nail Your Songbook Academy Audition: Be YOU! Tips from a Songbook Academy Mentor

We’ve shared advice on selecting the right audition material, which is a critical part of any audition, but the next step, once you’ve found that perfect piece is how to make it your own and nail your audition. If you would like the inside scoop on how to make your video a standout, meet Songbook Academy Musical Director and Coach, Beckie Menzie. Read more

10 Things To Do The Summer Before College

Senior year is complete! The sun is out and you are ready to enjoy summer before your next big adventure begins. I wanted to offer a few suggestions to be sure to incorporate into your summer plans!

Here are 10 things to do before college begins (eek!):

Connect with your soon-to-be roomie

Not only is it important for you to bond – but it’s also important to figure out who is bringing the TV! Friend them on Facebook, follow them on Instagram and get to know them through phone calls over the next few months. It’ll make move-in day much more fun!

Visit with your doctor

While it’s never a super fun visit, it’s important to check in with your doctor before school. Get prescriptions to anything you will need throughout the year and it might be smart to have a physical before you leave.

Organize finances

Check in with your parents and have a frank conversation about money and spending. If you need a new debit card, now is the time to set that up. If your parents will be helping you throughout the year, make sure you understand the parameters so you don’t blow your budget!

Get a summer job

Keeping with the theme of organizing your finances, if you can, it would be beneficial for you to nab a summer job. Having the extra cash while in college is very helpful. If you’ll be supporting yourself, books and school supplies can really add up. Also, you just never know when you’ll need to order that late night pizza!

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Shadowbox Live Summer Bootcamp


“I’ve learned more in these two weeks than I did in my 5 years of education. I’ve experienced an incredible transformation in myself as a performer and my intensity and passion for what I want to do. It has been a huge revelation.”
Dylan George – Boot Camp 2013
2014 Graduate of Wittenberg for Theatre

Wanting to explore the arts as a career choice? Not sure what additional training you need to be competitive? There’s no doubt that the industry has evolved to a more modern aesthetic. Long gone are the days of “Oklahoma” and “Bye Bye Birdie”. The biggest thing on Broadway is the Hip-Hop show “Hamilton”. The Rock Arts are at an all time high and it doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down anytime soon. So what can you do to better prepare yourself for today’s growing industry? Attend the Shadowbox Live Summer Bootcamp and get intense instruction in all four of the Rock Arts disciplines!

In today’s market, it is imperative that artists master/explore more than one artistic discipline. The idea of a “triple threat” is no longer an exception. It’s a standard. Shadowbox Live, the Largest Resident Theatre Company in America, presents over 500 performances of 19 different productions per year all of which center around the Rock Arts. The 45 full-time artists are known as ‘meta-performers’ because of their artistic versatility. At Shadowbox Live we do it all! And so can YOU!

At the Summer Bootcamp you will learn:

Rock Vocals

  • How to sing the rock style correctly
  • How to emotionally invest and “sell” a song
  • How to use a microphone

Sketch Comedy Acting

  • How to create a sketch comedy character
  • How to read and understand a comedy script

Contemporary Dance

  • How to further connect your mind and body
  • Exercises to improve your overall strength and flexibility

Rock Instruments

  • How to improve your technique on your primary instrument
  • How to chart out a song

Why do we require training in all the disciplines? Because the arts are integrated! Improvement in one area can dramatically improve your performance with your primary discipline.

What about the business of art? Every young artist needs to learn how to market and manage themselves. The Shadowbox Summer Bootcamp also leads workshops regarding arts administration, production, ‘life skills’ and professionalism.

If you are between the age of 15-21 and are passionate about your future in the performing arts, and perform your primary discipline at a high artistic level then the Summer Bootcamp might be for you! Applications are now being accepted for the June 4th auditions. Deadline for submission is midnight, June 2nd. We look forward to rocking your potential at the Shadowbox Summer Bootcamp!

Click here to apply!