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I was recruited. You could be too! Shadowbox Live Auditions.

08/18/17 by Brandon Anderson

In July of 2001, I walked into the doors of my first theater job: a place that was then called Shadowbox Cabaret, a black box theater that performed sketch comedy, one-act plays, and live rock ‘n’ roll.  That day, the company was in a final tech rehearsal for its summer show, so after my orientation I sat at one of the tables in the house to watch a run. 

Sixteen years later, I’m still here, working as the Director of Recruitment for the same company – now known as Shadowbox Live®, the nation’s largest resident theatre company. 

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3 Reasons Why You Should Know How To Create Your Own Theatre Company

As an actor you already have a great range of skills in your wheelhouse. Actors never stop learning – you’re always honing your skills and refining your technique. However, what if you find your career goals moving in a new direction, or you face new challenges? Learning how to create your own theatre company will open your world to many opportunities.

Creating your own work might already be of interest to you. If not, it might be something you should consider – not only for your future, but also for your current profession. Starting a theatre company is a significant responsibility, and one for which you will need to be well equipped.

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