Top 5 Things You Are Tired of Hearing During College Audition Season

Still having fun, Acceptd fans? As college audition season winds down, I thought everyone could use a good laugh to survive the next few weeks. Friends and family who have never been through the college audition process most likely have no idea just how truly crazy and time consuming the process can be! With the best intentions, sometimes you can be asked repeatedly the same questions that unfortunately, you just can’t give a straight answer to.

Here are the top 5 things you could do without hearing right about now:

Where have you been accepted?

“Well, I’ve been accepted academically to a dozen schools! But you see, when applying for my major, I have to audition as well and those are two separate decisions. So, I am accepted academically to my top school but waitlisted for the performing arts program. I found out I got into the music program at another top school, but have yet to receive an official acceptance academically. I know some phone calls have been made for my other schools but I haven’t heard….so, let’s just say it’s complicated. Ugh.”


You are so good! You’ll get in everywhere! Don’t worry!

“Thank you, but, it’s really hard to get in for my major. Actually, like less than 5% get into some of my top schools. That’s less than some Ivy Leagues. I mean, the numbers are staggering. I’m actually getting anxiety thinking about it right now.”


< Ring, ring > Phone number looks to be your dream school calling. Stomach drops in excitement. Tries to collect oneself and act cool.

“HELLO?! Yes, this is she! Yes, I…Oh. Hi. Yes, I did receive my academic acceptance in the mail. Yes, I am excited, except, um, I need to hear from the performing arts department before I commit? Do you know when that will be? You’re not them, right? RIGHT? Okay, um, thanks, bye.”

And don’t forget about the academic acceptance emails and big envelopes.


You’ve exceeded the number of excused absences for this school year.

“I know, but you see, I had to AUDITION for my colleges? I had to actually go in person to these schools as opposed to just sending in an application. And, um, while we are talking about this, I have to miss class on Wednesday for a callback?”


Where are you going to school next year?!



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Chelsea is a social contributor for Acceptd and the founder of My College Audition.