Tried and True Wisdom on College Auditions

I had a chance to interview Greg Kunesh, retired chairman of the Musical Theatre program at the University of Oklahoma, and I gathered some amazing insight from a man who has seen quite his share of auditions! Check out some of his answers below:

What advice do you have for students entering the college audition process?

I recruited not just students, but families – this is a field or discipline that you choose because you cannot not choose it. It’s a lifestyle choice that is extremely demanding and you and your parents need to recognize that the training at the university level is just a part of the continued training you’ll do your whole life. You need not only your personal commitment, but commitment and support from your families as well.

What’s an audition you’ll never forget?

I can’t think of a single audition. However, I enjoy when they present themselves in a professional manner, but they are relaxed and communicating directly to the school’s representatives and they have a sense of humor. They are an honest and sincere person, in addition to the talent they are displaying. They are someone I would like to have a meal with—Including their parents. Is this a real human being who is open to growth? Is not so enamored with self?

What’s your fondest memory of your time at the University of Oklahoma?

A few! The day that our program was recognized as an independent school. Also, when we started getting a little bit of national recognition for productions we were doing. The day one of our students was cast on Broadway. For three years in a row, when our students went to New York for their showcase, every single senior returned home with an agent in their pocket.

We’ll be putting together more interviews from faculty at various prestigious programs throughout the next few months – so stay tuned!

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