Visual artists: Build your discoverable profiles!

We’re excited to announce that visual artists can now build free discoverable profiles in the Acceptd network! We’ve helped thousands of performing artists get discovered by universities, scholarships, and summer programs, and we want to help visual artists do the same thing.

Building a discoverable profile for visual arts is easy. The important thing to remember is to make your profile yours. Our partners want to know more about you than just the basics. They already know you’re interested in the visual arts, so dig a little deeper. To make your profile memorable, be sure to fill out everything you can. Do you want a BFA or BA? What’s your primary area of interest? Do you have technical training in painting but have always been interested in art therapy? Let them know! And be sure to include cross-disciplinary work as well. If you’ve built sets or designed costumes, make sure it’s in there! There’s no such thing as too many examples of how awesome you are.

Don’t feel bad talking about yourself and what you can do. The people reviewing your discoverable profile want to be impressed, so impress them! Upload work that really reflects you as an artist. Pretend like you’re having a meeting with the chair of the Art Department at your dream school: What piece would you bring to show them? That’s what you want to upload.

So, get started connecting with visual arts programs. Even if you’re already working through the college admissions process, it doesn’t hurt to get your name out there a little more. We work with hundreds of performing and visual arts programs around the world and  they’re always looking to recruit talented artists. You never know who could discover you.