What It’s Really Like to be a Music Major


What It’s Really Like to be a Music Major

You may think majoring in music is going to be significantly more fun and less stressful than majoring in business or economics, but the truth is: majoring in music is extremely time consuming! Being a music major requires an incredible amount of energy, focus and determination. Your schedule will be jam-packed each day so it’s important to learn how to manage your time so you don’t spread yourself too thin.

So, let’s explore what an average day might look like!

Music Theory Classes

You will most certainly have a music theory class imbedded in your schedule. For students who were not exposed to music theory in high school or who are “self taught” on their instrument, these courses can be especially difficult. Being able to transcribe music (and fully comprehend when you are reading music) is essential to being able to make a career out of your passion. Be sure to make time in your schedule to study music theory so you stay on top of your required assignments.

Practice Hours

Well, of course! You have to practice! Even though this sounds obvious, trying to cram in practice hours in between your classes, performances, workshops and you know, being a normal human who needs to eat and sleep – can be tough to find the time. Practicing outside of class is, however, essential to grow as a musician and make the most of your time as a music major. Make a commitment to yourself each week on how many hours you would like to set aside for practicing – and follow through!

Required Academic Classes

On top of your music classes, you will most likely need to complete a standard number of academic classes to graduate. Finding time to complete homework and projects for these classes can be challenging when trying to juggle your music course load, practice hours, etc. Keeping your grades up, even in classes that you don’t see the inherent value in right now, is extremely important so you graduate on time.

Learning…Another instrument!

Most music majors are required to learn piano or some sort of second instrument. Also, you will most likely be required to sing and take sight singing classes. This can be especially nerve wracking if this is not your forte – but, as they say, practice makes perfect! It can be easy to put off practicing something that doesn’t come natural, but the more you push yourself outside of your comfort zone, the more achieved you’ll feel.


Most of your hard work spent in class will culminate in a performance or recital. Getting ready for a recital, as you know, requires a lot of time management and focus. If you’ve got a recital coming up next month, be sure to set aside time to make sure you are 100% prepared and are practicing for it appropriately.

Being a music major requires a tremendous amount of commitment. If you truly love music, and you know this is where your heart is and can’t see yourself doing anything else – then hooray! Get started here and get ready for a busy, challenging and most of all, fulfilling year.

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