Frequently Asked Questions


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What is Acceptd?

Acceptd is the largest performing and visual arts network in the world. You can apply to and be discovered by colleges and universities, festivals, scholarships, and competitions. Our mission is to connect you with opportunities that will help you achieve your dreams.

How does it work?

Acceptd hosts all your digital media in one place. Your digital portfolio will have your headshot, media samples, and resume information saved and ready to be sent out to programs instantly. This makes applying to programs and organizations really easy: just find where you want to apply and send them your saved media! We also provide you with resources to help you decide where to apply and how to create your digital portfolio. Parts of your digital portfolio can then be incorporated into your discoverable profile, the first program of its kind to let programs around the world discover you.

What’s a discoverable profile?

A discoverable profile is exactly what it sounds like: a profile that helps you get discovered. Our partners have very specific needs for their programs, and they use the Acceptd network to discover applicants. You may not know it, but one of our hundreds of partners is looking for somebody with exactly your skill set right this second. If your profile isn’t discoverable, they won’t discover you.

Who will see my profile?

Anything you submit through Acceptd is sent directly to the program’s faculty and staff. All administrators have protected usernames and passwords to access your submissions, too, so everything is safe and secure. When you make your profile discoverable, you choose the media you want Acceptd partners to see, and they won’t see anything else. We value your privacy, safety, and security. Your information and content is kept private from public viewing.

Is there a fee?

It’s completely free to build your discoverable portfolio in the Acceptd network. When you apply to programs through Acceptd, there is a non-refundable application fee in order to submit your materials.

We understand that pursuing the arts is expensive and we want to help you out as much as we can. So application fee waivers are available for applicants that qualify. Visit our Help Desk to see our fee waiver policy.


What is Acceptd?

Acceptd is about making the application process easier for you and your organization. We offer application management software, a streamlined, multi-round adjudication system with a robust rating scale, and the opportunity to connect with and actively recruit applicants for your program.

How does it work?

Acceptd effectively integrates customized applications, media uploads, and comprehensive adjudication tools all in one place. Acceptd has access to hundreds of thousands of visual and performing artists. Your organization can also market to and proactively connect with those applicants that fit your specific needs.

Why Acceptd?

Acceptd works with hundreds of the top performing and visual arts organizations in the world, and they are all very different. We offer a variety of flexible membership levels to specifically fit your program. When you use Acceptd as your application and audition management system, we will work to become exactly what you need. One size does not fit all. Each program has its own customized page on the Acceptd website, managed and built by the Acceptd team. We provide phenomenal support for our partners. Each program has a specific client support manager, available as soon as they join the Acceptd network.

Who do you work with?

We work with a very diverse group of partners. From higher education to associations, festivals, and scholarship competitions, Acceptd bends to fit the need of your organization. Click here to see who else we work with.

How do I learn more?

Your program deserves the largest and most powerful arts screening and recruiting network. Don’t settle for anything less. Contact a member of the Acceptd team today.