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Seamlessly schedule and manage all types of auditions.

Acceptd’s scheduling tools put you in control of your audition days, streamlining behind-the-scenes work so you can focus on auditioning prospective artists.

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Your All-in-One Audition Scheduling Solution

Acceptd provides a nuanced scheduling tool for a nuanced process. Your organization can eliminate the stress of sifting through spreadsheets and manipulating generic calendars to align with your specific needs. Instead, our audition scheduling software is fully customizable to make all parts of your audition day run smoothly.

This screenshot of Acceptd’s audition scheduling software shows a customized calendar of dance, drama, voice, and flute auditions.

Support Any Audition Scheduling Format

  • Book one audition slot for each artist, or add multiple auditionees to a session by blocking off a longer period of time.

  • Individually plan each segment of your audition process, from prepared performances to sight-reading to interviews.

  • Schedule concurrent sessions and assign different adjudicators to each one.

Manage All of Your Audition Activities in a Unified Platform

  • Access the audition scheduling tool after reviewing prospective artists’ materials via Acceptd’s application management solution.

  • Work seamlessly between the audition scheduling tool and AuditionRoom with the ability to see when scheduled auditionees are online and ready to begin.

  • Keep your calendar and adjudication notes organized throughout the entire process.

This screenshot of Acceptd’s audition scheduling software shows how users can seamlessly move applicant information to the schedule.

This image of Acceptd’s audition scheduling software demonstrates the ability to schedule in-person and virtual auditions on one platform.

Work Within a Powerful, User-Friendly Interface

  • Manage in-person and live virtual auditions on the same platform.

  • Quickly communicate updates and schedule changes to adjudicators and applicants.

  • Receive support and guidance every step of the way from Acceptd’s experienced team.

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