Getting Acceptd Changes Everything

Artists and arts organizations need each other. That’s where we come in.

We’re here to change the game. Here’s how.

Connecting artists and arts organizations shouldn’t be hard, and our goal is to leverage technology to make the whole process easier for everyone including you.


Get Connected

We have hundreds of arts programs and thousands of talented artists in our network. We want to make sure they meet. Artists showcase their best work while programs highlight their offerings, allowing each to find their best fit.


Simplify Everything

Artists can apply to any program using the material they’ve already uploaded to their profile. This could be a university, a summer intensive, scholarship, professional venue, one-on-one coaching name it. And everything can be done in one place, including the application review.


Dream Big

We know that each artist and program is totally unique, and we treat them as such. When you sign up, you will get your own dedicated team making sure you are reaching your specific goals—whatever those are. Our staff is made up of people just like you, and we’re ready to help starting day one.