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In recent days, so many in our community have come together to see how we can help graduating college seniors entering the arts and entertainment industry at this uncertain time. I have been thrilled to see so many incredible students posting their showcase performances virtually - and can’t wait to work with so many of them once our industry is back up and running.
Jennifer Tepper Producer, Creative and Programming Director
The class of 2020 has been working hard in college for 4 years in hopes of building connections and showcasing our talents in our senior showcases. What happened was unfortunate and the timing isn’t great, but it is really awesome that the theater community is coming together to give these brilliant seniors an opportunity to get their stuff out there.
Mason Grey Zaroff College Senior, Elon University
Tara Wiley, College Senior, Elon University
When I first heard that Acceptd was going to give seniors the opportunity to still be seen by agents and casting directors, I felt a wave of gratitude enter my heart. It was so heartbreaking and scary to see our hard work amount to cancellations, especially in an industry that relies on personal connections. It is truly such a blessing that Acceptd has now allowed us to share our passions, hearts, and hard work with industry professionals!
Tara Wiley College Senior, Elon University

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The 2020 Digital Senior Showcase is no longer accepting new additions of schools for this year. If you would like to be part of the digital showcase in the future, please contact showcase@getacceptd.com.

2020 Digital Senior Showcase