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At Acceptd, the World’s Leading Arts Network, we share your passion.
We specialize in full-service digital marketing for the arts.

Improve Results

Highly targeted candidates. Increased ticket sales, applications and memberships. More email opens and website visitors. Higher social media engagement. With Acceptd, your message is reaching an engaged audience ready for action.

Save Time

No more wasted time casting too wide of a net across activities on your investment. Our targeted Digital Marketing Services deliver the right strategy and execution to see results.

Precisely Target

With Acceptd, you know exactly what audience you’re getting in front of, down to gender, age, geography, interests and more. Creative multi-channel campaigns then drive these users to engage and convert with you.

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We are a passionate, experienced team dedicated to transforming the performing arts industry through digital marketing. We’re expert digital strategists and wear many different hats.

Social Media Marketing

In a digital world, we know how important it is to reach your audience exactly where they are. Social media is the perfect place to amplify your story, build relationships and engage with your community. No social platform is off limits, either. We create a smart strategy from audience targeting to creative content, community management and message amplification. Dynamic content and an authentic voice inspire action. We understand exactly how to delivery the right content to a targeted engaged audience.

Google Adwords/SEO

Google is king. Billions of people search for information looking for answers within tenths of a second. How your organization and program rank on Google really, really matters. We build and deploy keyword strategies so you can break through the noise and be found.


An engaged audience is your golden ticket. Understanding who has interacted with your website, email marketing, and social media ads will drive results. We identify artists and interested buyers by analyzing their online behavior across the Acceptd platform, Facebook and Google. We then develop strategies to drive action among these engaged groups.

Acceptd Platform Digital Marketing

The Acceptd platform has countless opportunities to engage interested artists about your program. Our members are active, engaged and trust our brand. Acceptd’s filtering options allow our partners to segment our members by age, gender, geography and nearly 50 other filters. We create and deploy content across our website (i.e. homepage banners), program spotlight emails, premium directory listings and SMS.

Artist Recruitment

After deploying the right mix of digital marketing activities, next we help you engage in one-on-one discussions with the most interested artists. Target our 300,000+ artist members based on their interest in your program, age, geography, and 50 other filters. Then use the Acceptd messaging platform to directly recruit the most qualified artists.


Our advanced metrics give you real-time, web-based access to your most important marketing and application data, empowering you to make strategic decisions about your program.

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