Looking to reach the right artists for your school program or arts festival?

You could blast postcards, buy billboard space and take out ads in print publications. Then you could hope the right student or artist with the right qualifications looks up from his or her phone or laptop long enough to see your message. Or You can reach exactly the right artist, at the right time, with the right message through Acceptd, The World’s Largest Arts Network.

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Acceptd’s marketing programs give you the access to students and artists that no other platform can.

Our nearly 200,000 opt-in artists are active, engaged and want to hear from schools, festivals and other opportunities.

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Acceptd’s marketing campaigns allow you to reach and nurture artists with customized messaging and marketing tailored to your goals.

Looking for more applications? We got that. Looking for more diversity in your applicant pool? We got that too. Want to find the best songwriters in the world or the best dancers in your city? We can do that too. No matter how targeted or broad. Whether you are a large public university, a small private college, a regional festival or a community theater, if you want to reach artists, we can help.

Acceptd Case Study
“The ROI of Acceptd’s marketing platform is very, very, very high. The number of site visits, leads and applications we generated with this campaign blew every other marketing campaign we’ve done out of the water.”Reynolds Whalen, Found and Director, Performing Arts Abroad
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Open Marketing Pilot Programs

So you like to be an early adopter? We won’t fully roll out a program to our clients until we are sure to have worked out the kinks.

That said, if you want to be first in line to try out our biggest innovations at a steep discount contact us to learn more about these open pilots.

Demographic Based Advertising

Looking to target specific students by area of interest, GPA, ACT score or other criteria? Our ad matching platform allows you to serve highly targeted messages to highly targeted students as they are exploring schools.

SMS Messaging

Few channels boast the open and response rate of SMS text messaging. Reach students on this highly targeted, uncrowded space with your message.

Other Programs

Acceptd Audiences

Out network includes more than just students! Contact us to learn how we can help you reach more than 10,000+ performing and visual art teachers or thousands of enrolled arts students and young professionals.

Acceptd for Agencies

Forget overpriced PPC programs or untargeted blast campaigns. If your agency helps arts programs attract students, Acceptd’s Agency Program is for you. Contact an agency account manager today to learn more about our programs.


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