10 Things To Do The Summer Before College

Published June 10th, 2016

Senior year is complete! The sun is out and you are ready to enjoy summer before your next big adventure begins. I wanted to offer a few suggestions to be sure to incorporate into your summer plans!

Here are 10 things to do before college begins (eek!):

Connect with your soon-to-be roomie

Not only is it important for you to bond - but it’s also important to figure out who is bringing the TV! Friend them on Facebook, follow them on Instagram and get to know them through phone calls over the next few months. It’ll make move-in day much more fun!

Visit with your doctor

While it’s never a super fun visit, it’s important to check in with your doctor before school. Get prescriptions to anything you will need throughout the year and it might be smart to have a physical before you leave.

Organize finances

Check in with your parents and have a frank conversation about money and spending. If you need a new debit card, now is the time to set that up. If your parents will be helping you throughout the year, make sure you understand the parameters so you don’t blow your budget!

Get a summer job

Keeping with the theme of organizing your finances, if you can, it would be beneficial for you to nab a summer job. Having the extra cash while in college is very helpful. If you’ll be supporting yourself, books and school supplies can really add up. Also, you just never know when you’ll need to order that late night pizza!

Find and read a good book

Soon, you will most likely only be reading the books that are required for class. Find a book that is engrossing and challenging to really sink your teeth into this summer. Expand your mind before you head off!

Life Organization

Now is the time to get organized. Invest in a planner (or a free online calendar) and plug in all important dates you’ll need to remember throughout the year. These dates can include: vacation start/end dates, exam weeks and birthdays. You don’t want to forget to send a birthday card to Grandma!

Get a bit professional

Do you still have the email address justinbieberfangirl@email.com? While you can still be a fan, it might be smart to update your email, Skype and any other contact info to reflect an older/updated version of yourself. You’ll most likely receive a new email address through school, so this could be a great transition. Send an email out to family and friends and inform them of your new email address.

Make memories with friends

Go for that hike you have been talking about forever and snap a million photos! You most likely won’t reunite with your friends until Christmas break, so be sure to soak up the memories now.

Spend quality time with parents

You know, those people who helped get you to where you are today! Show them how much you appreciate them and plan some events with them. Find a local concert of a band that your Mom loves and surprise her with tickets. If you can believe it – soon you’ll be on your own and you may in fact miss them!

Develop some school pride

Now is the time to stock up on some school pride gear! Grab a sweatshirt or t-shirt and proudly walk around town sporting your school’s name.

Here’s to the best summer yet!

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