5 Careers Within Your Reach with a LACM Degree

Published January 21st, 2021

There’s no better way to begin a career in the music business than to study with working professionals right in the heart of the industry. At Los Angeles College of Music, you’ll get a healthy dose of musicianship and a working knowledge of how to apply those skills into a successful career. Musicians in LA earn 10% more than the rest of the U.S. and LACM can connect you with internships at top labels and studios. Here are just a few of the careers within your reach once you graduate:

Performer (Studio Musician or Live Performer)

Develop your unique voice and prepare yourself for a career as a performer with LACM’s Performance Programs. Our alumni include working professionals like Brianna Lee, a touring and studio vocalist who booked her first tour while still in college! Since then, she has worked with Katy Perry, Nick Jonas, Hans Zimmer, and Sia to name a few. She can also be heard on and off camera in La La Land, Hidden Figures, The Voice, and much more. Another successful alumnus is Valerie Franco who has made a name for herself as a drummer for Halsey, Bonnie McKee, and Kacy Hill, and is currently the drummer for Hayley Kiyoko. She is also the host of the podcast Behind the Beat.


Being a successful songwriter requires more than catchy hooks and lyrics. Luckily, you can hone writing skills, learn to produce, get a handle on the business side of the job, and get the skills necessary to collaborate with other artists in LACM’s Songwriting Program. Since graduating from LACM, songwriter, producer, and singer Sandro Cavazza has co-written several hits with Avicii including “Gonna Love Ya” and “Sunset Jesus”. In addition to his collaborations with Avicii, Lost Frequencies, and Kygo, he has released two albums of his own.

Film Composer

Compose music for film scores, television, and video games in the epicenter of the film industry. At LACM, you will learn musical techniques like arranging, transcribing, conducting, and orchestration, and technical skills like editing and sound design that are necessary to work independently and as a part of a large production team. Your LACM Composing for Visual Media degree will culminate in the completion of your very own film score so your portfolio is interview-ready!

Studio or Live Sound Engineer

The unsung hero of any music performance is the sound engineer. Sound engineers have to understand acoustics, instrumentation, and be immediately responsive to any changes that may arise. Live sound engineers work in large concert halls, smaller venues, and even Broadway national tours. LACM’s Music Producing and Recording Program will teach you the fundamentals of audio mixing, producing, DJ techniques, microphone tech, in addition to recording.

A&R Rep

If you seem to have a knack for finding the hottest new singers and songwriters, you might enjoy a career as an A&R Representative. When record companies are searching for talent, the A&R team will scout, manage, and promote artists. The Music Business Program at LACM will help enhance your musicianship while teaching you about business models, revenue streams, marketing, licensing, and everything else you need to know to be successful in A&R.

And many more!

Take the first step towards the music career of your dreams! Applications are still open for Spring 2021 and Fall 2021.

Spring 2021 Deadline: February 1st, 2021

Fall 2021 Deadline: February 15th, 2021

Apply now!

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