5 Reasons You'll Love Missouri Valley College

Published September 13th, 2019

At the Missouri Valley College Division of Fine Arts, you can choose degree programs in Art, Dance, Music, and Theatre. The faculty works closely with students in order to foster their creativity, develop their craft, and explore how the arts are fundamental to our society - all while providing the necessary foundation for a fulfilling career.

There are many reasons to choose Missouri Valley College Division of Fine Arts, but today we are going to highlight five:

The Facilities

Missouri Valley boasts state-of-the-art facilities for their Fine Arts students.

The Morris Fine Arts Building hosts the band room, as well as the J&D Morris Dance Studio. Missouri Valley also has two on-site theatres—the Eckilson-Mabee Theatre and the Morris Experimental Theatre—which host performances by dancers, musicians, and thespians.

In addition to the cutting-edge studio spaces, The Morris Gallery of Contemporary Art hosts exhibits from artists around the country, including Missouri Valley students and faculty, in a beautiful setting worthy of their art. The exhibit is open to students, faculty, and the public to enjoy.

Active Campus Life

Clubs! Sports! Greek life! Oh my!

In addition to all the arts offerings Missouri Valley offers, there are also tons of other clubs and organizations for that quintessential college experience.

There are 23 record-setting varsity and intramural teams in everything from football to basketball to RODEO. You read that right, Rodeo!

Missouri Valley’s active Greek Life focuses on academic success, community building, and philanthropy.

If sports or Greek Life are not your thing, there are many other activities and organizations that may be calling your name. Here are a few of note: Art Club, the National Association for Music Education, Repertory Dance Ensemble, Agriculture Club, The Black Student Union, Psychology Club, Debate Team, and many more.

Small town, big opportunities.

Missouri Valley College is in Marshall, Missouri, just one hour away from Columbia and Kansas City. The campus offers a FREE shuttle service to anywhere within Marshall, including the movie theatre, aquatic center, golf course, and local shops and restaurants.

Missouri Valley is a small school in a small town, with about 1,500 students. This means smaller class sizes and more individual attention. As a performer, this also means more stage time, and more opportunities.

Liberal Arts Education

Now you may not know what a liberal arts education really is. Liberal arts is derived from the Latin liberalis, meaning freedom. A liberal arts college provides a well-rounded education, designed to educate you in a variety of fields, improve your critical thinking skills, communicate effectively, and help you gain interpersonal skills.

While a more traditional four-year university typically prepares you for one specific job in one specific field, a liberal arts college like Missouri Valley wants to prepares you for anything.

The Ensembles

No matter what your major is, Missouri Valley makes sure you have the performance opportunities you deserve:

  • Musicians can perform with the Concert Band, Jazz Ensemble, Drumline, Concert Choir, or Chamber Choir.
  • Dancers can enjoy the Repertory Dance Ensemble, as well as a number of dance workshops every year.
  • Actors may enjoy the ‘Flatliners’, a Missouri Valley improv troupe, several theatrical productions every year, a Musical Theatre Ensemble and more!

• •

Now that you are sold you on Missouri Valley College, the next step is to apply. Or if you want more info, submit a free interest form!

Go Vikings!

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