7 Things Successful People Do Every Sunday

Published May 4th, 2018

Don't Give into the Sunday Blues

It's easy to be a Monday hater. But, you can't give up on Sunday! Sunday is a built-in reset button. It's a day society actually expects you to rest, recuperating from getting knocked around by life all week. Sure, another week starts tomorrow, but Sunday is there for you. Like a mother who just wants what's best for you, it also expects you to be productive.

Even though success comes in many forms, successful people all do similar things. It can be overwhelming to learn the detailed in's and out's of every single successful habit, so we've compiled seven things successful people do every Sunday before starting their weeks. These are tried and true methods that help organize, cope with, and plan for the stressful aspects of your life. Once you can jump the challenging hurdles, you can get to the great aspects of life that bring you success and happiness. Don't give into the Sunday Blues by getting ahead of your week with these 7 tips.

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7 Things Successful People do Every Sunday

  1. Write.Your.Goals.Down.
    What do you want to accomplish this week? Write it down and actualize it.
  2. Check Yo Self (Before you Overbook Yo Self)
    Does your calendar flow for the week? Do you have too much booked? Many successful people tend to overbook, never wanting to miss an opportunity to improve or thrive. Make sure you don't have anything overlapping for the week now, and contact anyone necessary if you do. If rescheduling is necessary, not waiting until the last minute to let people know is the respectful thing to do.
  3. Schedule Self Care
    Don't forget about yourself in your busy schedule. Writing in times to exercise, get your hair cut, visit with friends, or taking a nap is okay to do! For busy, successful people, it can help to schedule your own care so you don't brush it aside later.
  4. Prep in Your Step: Prepare Healthy Lunches for the week
    Get your lunches ready on Sundays. Whether you're a student, artist, parent, or full-time employed of any kind, this will help you stay healthy and save time throughout the week. Two ideas would be to prep salads or pre-portion chicken and veggies in five separate containers. You can keep any dressing or sauce on the side so it doesn't get mushy.
  5. Play Catch Up
    If you fell behind on emails, text, audition materials, or anything in the past week, Sunday is a good time to cross it off your list.
  6. Power Down Your Phone & Computer
    Once you're done catching up for the week, turn your phone and computer off. Or, at the very least, turn them to night mode. Try to put it down and away from you and relax without the pressure of technology for a few hours on Sunday evenings.
  7. Once You're Done, Have Fun!
    Successful people make time for fun. No one is perfect, and we're all human. We all need to decompress. Make sure to make time for fun!! Once your work is done of course (wink, wink).

We hope these 7 things successful people do every Sunday helps you out!


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