Acceptd Artists Reel: Nikki Naghavi

Published January 13th, 2021

This interview features Nikki Naghavi, Iranian- American violinist who is currently a sophomore at New England conservatory but she has accomplished a lot for her age. From advice for students making their school lists, building an Instagram following of more than 50k through authentic sharing, the importance of personal branding for artists.

“When you get down to the concept of branding yourself, it is an interaction or exchange with those who interact with you. If you are just putting out the same thing as everyone else, people won’t want to follow you.”

“Whatever your art field is, whatever you are doing, if you hold on to your mission statement it will guide you through the difficult times.”

“Authenticity as part of your branding allows the maximum potential for you to grow”

“Whatever comes your way, an opportunity to do something, meet someone, say something, share your ideas, or listen to other people’s experiences. Take that and learn from it because you will only grow. It (taking opportunities) will never diminish you.”

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