5 Benefits of Creating a Vocalist Profile on Acceptd

Published May 28th, 2019

Our goal at Acceptd is to connect artists with opportunities. So musicians, vocalists, actors, dancers, visual artists—we are here to connect you with life changing summer programs, fellowships, scholarships, degrees and more.

With National “Sing Out” Day this past weekend (May 25), today we are shining a light on vocalists, and all the opportunities we offer.

We have nearly 200 vocal programs in our system, almost 40 specific to opera, all available to you once you set up your profile. In our system you can upload your headshot, video or audio recordings, and with the click of a button you can apply to any or all of these programs. Or if your profile stands out, they might just contact you!


Here are 5 benefits of creating a profile on Acceptd as a vocalist.


1) Grow your resume
Your resume is your biggest asset as a vocalist aside from your talent. Master classes, vocal competitions, etc. will make your resume SHINE for future opportunities.

2) Study voice ABROAD
Ever thought about studying voice in China? Maybe Australia? Or how does Tuscany sound? There are TONS of abroad programs in our system just waiting for you! Just go through and “favorite” the programs you’re interested in, even if applications are not open yet, to let them know that you’re interested!

3) The practice!
If you are searching for a degree or a job in the arts, you will go through MANY auditions. Why not get some practice in? Many of our workshops and summer programs will help you with insider audition tips.

4) It’s free!
A FREE resource to market yourself as a vocalist? Why not! Creating a profile is free, and a great way to get all your portfolio content in one place, from headshots to audio and video recordings.

5) Programs available for (almost) all ages!
High school student? We got you. Already have a degree and you’re looking for other opportunities? Yep, still got you. We offer programs and opportunities for middle school age and up. So whether you’re looking for the best university to study voice or other great opportunities to learn and grow as a vocalist, we have your back.

So what have you got to lose? Create a profile today to access all of these incredible opportunities!

What is Acceptd?

Acceptd is the largest performing and visual arts network in the world. You can apply to and be discovered by colleges and universities, festivals, scholarships, and competitions. Our mission is to connect you with opportunities that will help you achieve your dreams.

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