Build Confidence: Take the First Step into the Spotlight

Published September 9th, 2016

Everyone feels overwhelmed when school starts. The last thing you want to do is fill out applications for competitions, college, workshops, etc. What you don’t realize is that the very process of applying and participating in these events can do amazing things for building confidence! It takes very little effort and the rewards are enormous. Read on to learn how you can build your confidence as a performer and overcome “stage fright”.

The Truth about Fear

We experience fear every day in some form. It’s scary to walk up in front of the class and speak, to make new friends, and to perform in front of people! It’s even scary to fill out an application! Fear is one of those things that gets easier when you take small chances. Every step you take toward your goal, vision or dream is important. If your goal as a performer is to play, sing, dance or act in a beautiful venue, like The Music Center’s Walt Disney Concert Hall, you need to start somewhere.

The Music Center's Walt Disney Concert Hall The Music Center's Walt Disney Concert Hall by Danielle Klebanow

Exercising the Emotional Muscle

Building Confidence

Small changes can lead to big dreams coming true! It may seem small, but, every time you ask for help, get up in front of the class, perform for an audience, or go online to fill out an application, you are building muscles. These are emotional muscles called courage, fearlessness, bravery, and confidence! The more you take chances on yourself and put yourself out there, the easier it becomes to do it again and again. And it’s like anything else; in a short amount of time, walking into a room, introducing yourself and then performing, will seem natural.

Master Stage Fright & Build Confidence

Fear doesn’t goes away completely. But the way you deal with it will be different. There are programs available that can help you prepare, such as Spotlight.

Spotlight is an arts scholarship and training program that is free to all Southern California high school students in the performing arts. In Spotlight, we do a lot of coaching before you walk into the audition room and especially when you walk out.

Build Confidence and Overcome Stage Frieght

Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • What are you saying to yourself before you walk into the room?
  • Are you being kind to yourself?
  • Are you breathing?
  • Did you give yourself enough time to prepare?
  • Did you get enough sleep?
  • What are you saying when you walk out of the audition?

If you’re saying “I’m the greatest thing in the world” or “I’m the worst,” you are learning nothing. You need to ask yourself two things: What did I do in the room that was good? And what did I do that I can improve on? Usually your teacher won’t be in the audition room with you. YOU need to be able to develop the ability to critique your own work. Asking yourself these questions also helps take the attention away from any feelings of failure you may feel. Stay present and focused on the larger picture. There will always be another audition or workshop or performance! Your job as an artist is to keep growing and developing your skills.

If you want to build confidence and courage, you need to give yourself opportunities where courage and confidence can build. Auditions, workshops, interviews and performances all provide those opportunities. Take a chance on yourself! Now…….go online and apply to SPOTLIGHT!!!!!

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