Digital Recruiting in the Age of COVID-19

Published May 26th, 2020

How Acceptd Can Help: Digital Recruiting in the Age of COVID-19

We are living in a historic time. COVID-19 has changed the world in a way none of us could have anticipated. Recruiting has shifted in a million different ways. At least for now, the days of recruiting students at college fairs or high school visits are on hold. Campus visits are now up in the air. In-person auditions and juries are shifting to online. It’s overwhelming, especially if you don’t have the resources.

However, ‘digital’ is nothing new for us here at Acceptd. In fact, we’ve been innovators in the industry for almost ten years, providing digital recruitment tools and resources, so you can continue to increase the quantity and quality of your applicants in the digital world.

Here are just a few ways Acceptd can help!


Recruitment Network

With College Fairs being rescheduled or canceled throughout the country, and traditional grassroots recruitment becoming more difficult, digital recruitment is more important now than ever before.

With our Recruitment Network, you can search our database of almost 400,000 artists for your ideal applicants, and message them one-on-one (up to 99 messages a day). It’s like a digital college fair, no travel involved!

With dozens of filters such as age, location, and graduation year, you can get highly specific with your targeting, ensuring that you reach qualified candidates who are perfect for your program. Search our system for oboe players graduating in 2020, or 14 -18 year old male dancers - whatever your program needs. They are waiting to hear from you!

Recruitment Network access is included in all marketing campaigns, with the addition of specific retargeting views - so you can message students who have interacted with your campaign (visited your Acceptd landing page, bookmarked your Acceptd landing page, or if your campaign includes a Spotlight Email, it also includes students who clicked through that!).


With campus visits now being reconsidered by many students and parents, how do you show students and parents everything your school has to offer? We can help - from strategizing to implementing an amazing marketing campaign. Our social media campaigns and Spotlight Emails are a great way to share important information, and show off some beautiful photos or video of your campus/facilities. Mix and match any of these tactics to create a custom campaign fitting the needs of your program.

Social Media

With our social media campaigns, we are able to target a highly specific audience to reach your ideal applicant, both from within our system and lookalike audiences outside the system. We can narrow the audience down geographically, by instrument, age, graduation year, and hundreds of other criteria.

Great for: General brand awareness and larger scale reach. Show off incredible photos of your program to a large audience of interested students. Specific geographical targeting.

Spotlight Emails

Spotlight Emails are sent to a list of up to 10,000 students in our system who are ideal candidates for your program.

Great for: General brand awareness, retargeting and conversion. Show off incredible photos of your program. Reach a highly specific audience pulled from our network (if you specifically need more cellists to apply, we can do that!), and retarget those who have already engaged with your campaign.

Blog Posts

Sponsored blog posts are published directly on the Acceptd website and highlight your program. Blog posts can be whatever you want them to be! Faculty Spotlight, Alumni Q+A, 10 fun facts about your program, whatever message you would like to get across. Blog posts are also promoted with a Spotlight Email sent to a list of up to 10,000 students in our system.

Great for: Robust program information to drive awareness. Much more flexible in terms of the content that we can highlight and the images we can share. Great tactic for cross-promotion (share the post on your own social media or send it to your own email list).

To hear about more of our offerings and create a campaign that fits your needs, contact


Use the Acceptd platform to coordinate virtual or recorded auditions or juries, and manage it all with our easy to use scheduling and messaging features!

Online Auditions

Enable the collection of recorded auditions for review through Acceptd, in lieu of live auditions.

Great for: Compiling all video auditions in one location. Ability to access and share all media with all judges, no matter the location. No need to spend hours downloading files or compiling judges’ ratings, just click the file in the application and a pop-up window will appear! Easy to review video while adjudicating and all ratings are stored within the application after - streamline your process from start to finish!

Online Juries

Host and schedule Semester Juries online due to campus closures.

Great for: Collecting jury assignments, and sharing information with faculty members. When setting up the Jury rubrics, Acceptd is able to customize the rubric using our diverse rating scale formats. When it comes time to share jury grades, Acceptd can standardize this process and the way you communicate results with students.

Scheduling Tool

Facilitate the audition scheduling for online video conferencing services, such as Skype and Google Hangouts.

Great for: Communicating with applicants about the day/time of their audition/interview as well as audition details. Hosting all schedule-related information in one location, and having the flexibility to adjust dates and times as plans change and develop.

If you are interested in any of these tools, please do not hesitate to contact us at and we’ll be happy to strategize with you!

To hear about more of our offerings and create a campaign that fits your needs, contact

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