Don’t slow down yet: 3 Ways to Snag Extra Money for College

Published January 16th, 2014

For everyone applying to college for the performing or visual arts, it probably seems like you’ve been working on it forever. Your college search most likely began over a year ago, and the process of building your resume and portfolio began even earlier. You’ve put in the work at summer intensives, camps, and festivals and you’ve spent countless hours perfecting and rehearsing your craft. You have every right to be exhausted and burnt out on the entire college application process.

But you can’t slow down yet! Here are three reasons you need to keep on keepin’ on. You might just end up with a lot of extra money for college if you do.

Money from colleges: Although the December deadlines have passed, there are still a lot of college arts programs that accept applications up through April. Many of them are still looking to fill specific spots in their programs which gives you the opportunity to be in high demand. The more colleges you apply to, the more bargaining power you have. Remember: these programs want great talent like you. But you have to show them what you can do.

Money from scholarships: This is a no-brainer. There are literally hundreds of arts-specific scholarships out there just waiting to give you money to pursue your dreams. All you have to do is find them. Most of them will also have later deadlines because they want you to have an idea of where you’re going to attend college. Here are some resources for music scholarships, theatre scholarships, dance scholarships, and visual arts scholarships.

Money from competitions: Like scholarships, arts competitions will give you money to keep creating your art. The major difference is that while a scholarship can be a combination of needs-based and merit-based, a competition is exclusively based on talent. They’re a good way to get some extra cash and great performance experience.

Now, you’re in the home stretch. You’ve officially started the year that you make your college choice and head down the path that will ultimately shape your entire career. Even though you’re tired or burnt out on the entire college search, application, and selection process, you cannot ease up now. Decision day, typically May 1st for most performing and visual art programs, is only a couple months away. You don’t want to be paying your first semester tuition and find yourself thinking: “Did I miss out on opportunities to get more money for college?”

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