Don’t Wait Until 11:59PM on Deadline Day!

Published October 30th, 2019

If you are the type who likes to live on the edge and put things off until the literal last minute – I’m here to tell you, don’t do that with application submissions!

There are countless reasons to not put this off. The most basic being: underestimation of the application and digital audition upload process. You might have the most beautiful voice in the world, but that won’t help you if you didn't realize some of the audition requirements. Or heaven forbid, you missed the chance to apply to your dream school because of an internet connectivity / upload problem - which would be more than a bummer.

Many programs allow you to upload essays and teacher recommendations directly through Acceptd. This is great, unless you haven’t written said essays or received recommendations yet! Essays take time (as you know) and they can feel very overwhelming if you write them the night before they are due. Take time to cultivate your ideas and flush out thoughts. After all, you want to put your very best foot forward in every element of the application process. At most schools, your academic portion is as important as your performing arts supplement and audition.

Another thing I want you to think about as these deadlines approach is the classic Wayne Gretzky quote: you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. It’s especially true when thinking about college auditions. If you are intimidated by a school’s prestige or the daunting number of applications they receive, put that aside and remember they have to accept someone and it could be you! You don’t want to look back at this process and wonder what if. Shoot for the moon! You never know. Sift through our directory and make sure you aren’t passing up on a dream school.

With all of that information, December 1st is the deadline for many programs that use Acceptd and it’s right around the corner! (Be sure to check each organization's landing page for specific deadline information)

About Acceptd:

Acceptd is the world’s largest arts network, connecting organizations with top talent and providing artists tools to help them flourish. Acceptd boasts more than 600 partner organizations, universities, festivals and other arts groups as well as more than 450,000 artist user profiles. From performers at Sydney Opera House to the marching bands in Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, Acceptd has had the privilege of working with premiere arts organizations around the globe to optimize their application process and connect with the right talent.

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