How to Make the Most of your Winter Break

Published December 23rd, 2015

If you are a senior in high school, this break probably couldn’t have come any sooner! Between college applications, college auditions and senior year commitments – you are ready for some R&R. Besides sleeping in until noon (okay, maybe not every day) here are some things I suggest doing while you are on break for the holidays:

Fill out FAFSA

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid opens on January 1st for everyone. This application can be a bit time consuming, so be sure to give yourself plenty of time to fill it out. You’ll need your parents for this, so be sure to grab them in between holiday parties to gather necessary information.


Don’t stop with just FAFSA! College is expensive (in case you haven’t heard.) Use this downtime to research scholarship opportunities. Going to college for a unique major like music, dance, theatre or visual arts is a great way to begin sifting through opportunities as there are tons of specialized scholarships looking for artists.

Last minute applications

Do you have a few schools whose deadlines are January 15th or February 1st? Did you put those off until now? Well, now is the time to finish those up! This also goes for filming your pre-screens. If you’ve waited until now to film for the schools with later deadlines, be sure to do so over the break and be very conscious of each school’s individual deadline.

Organize your audition bag

January and February are huge audition months. The next two months will be filled with on campus auditions and for some, Unified auditions. Use this free time to make sure you have everything you need for each and every audition. Have your dance attire picked out? Enough headshots and resumes printed? Get organized now so these next two months can go as smooth as possible.

Plan fun senior memories

You’ll only be a senior in high school for a few more months! Over the holiday break connect with friends to plan some fun excursions for senior year. Maybe you have always talked about taking a roadtrip the summer after senior year – so, get out those maps and travel books now! Fill the next few months with what are bound to be happy memories to distract you from the stress of applying to college.

Take Time Off

This is an order! Everyone needs to decompress and relax and given the rigors of your senior year schedule – you don’t get to do that much. Make time for family and friends. Go to the movies. Sleep in. Enjoy being home as next year you’ll be away from home for the majority of the year!

Happy Holidays from everyone at Acceptd!

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